Comcast appears to be going all in with the LoRaWAN standard for the internet of things, formally joining the LoRa Alliance as a sponsor member.

SoftBank is reportedly considering tie-ups between Sprint and a variety of partners in an effort to leverage its vast portfolio of spectrum.

The Linux Foundation announced the launch of EdgeX Foundry, an open source software project to build a common framework for Internet of Things edge computing.

Expectations are fairly high that more spectrum sharing is going to be in the works for mobile operators, and it’s already being done at 900 MHz in Turkey.

Sprint launched an ambitious leasing promotion in an effort to leverage Samsung’s latest flagship phone.

Verizon’s brutal first-quarter results prompted some onlookers to speculate that the carrier is scrambling to find another, but that may not be the case.

A panel of experts at the Brooklyn 5G Summit are optimistic the industry will meet a December 2017 deadline on 5G specs.

The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) is urging the FCC to expedite implementation of its Part 96 framework related to the 3.5 GHz band.