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Sue joined FierceMarkets in January 2007 and is currently the editor-in-chief of FierceMarkets Telecom Group. In her current position, she oversees the editorial content of several FierceMarkets' newsletters and web sites including FierceWireless, FierceCable, FierceTelecom, FierceOnlineVideo, FierceDeveloper, FierceWireless:Europe and FierceWireless:Tech, and provides editorial guidance for the publications’ advanced products and live events. Sue has more than 20 years of experience reporting on the telecom industry. Prior to joining FierceMarkets, she was the executive editor of Wireless Week. From 1999 to 2001, she worked as an analyst for Paul Kagan Associates, specializing in wireless and broadband technologies. She also was the managing editor of Convergence magazine, a monthly magazine for cable television, phone and wireless network operators. Sue is based in Denver and can be reached at Follow @FierceWireless on Twitter and find her on LinkedIn.

Articles by Sue Marek

T-Mobile to offer name ID service from Whitepages

T-Mobile US is deploying a name ID service powered by Whitepages that will provide customers with the name of callers and texters even if they are not in the user's existing contact list. The service initially will be available to Sony Xperia Z3 phone users; that device is available beginning today. The service also will be available on new T-Mobile Android devices in the future.

Consumer brand loyalty is taking a hit thanks to T-Mobile's un-carrier moves

T-Mobile US' "un-carrier" moves over the past year have pushed all the U.S. Tier 1 operators into a world of no contracts and no device subsidies. And the result is that carrier brand loyalty has taken a hit--at least that's what research firm Market Strategies found in its latest "Brand Love" report that queries consumers on their loyalties to their wireless carriers, their smartphones and their mobile operating systems.

Sprint slashes another 452 jobs at company headquarters, more to come

As part of its ongoing cost-cutting efforts, Sprint announced it has eliminated 452 jobs from its Overland Park, Kan., headquarters. This comes on top of approximately 5,000 jobs the company slashed between Jan. 1 to Sept. 30 of this year. And according to a report from the Kansas City Star, more job cuts are anticipated as part of the company's restructuring efforts.

FBI director says cell phone data must be available for law enforcement

FBI Director James Comey said that contact lists, photos and other data stored on cell phones needs to be accessible to law enforcement and hinted that attempts to encrypt all that data by companies like Google and Apple are taking things too far.

Cricket's Van Buskirk: We are prepared to fight for customers

LAS VEGAS--AT&T Mobility's Cricket prepaid brand is ramping up its retail presence and preparing to aggressively fight for customers, even if that means quickly making adjustments to its rate plans to respond to competitive pressures.

Sprint's Claure: T-Mobile should step aside, we are the new industry disrupters

 Brightstar Corp. founder Marcelo Claure as its next CEO sprint

Speaking at his first investor conference, Sprint's new CEO Marcelo Claure painted a portrait of a fast-acting CEO who is committed to listening to employees, creating value for customers and throwing out the company's stale old practices that were turning away customers in droves.

T-Mobile's Cellspot could help bridge gap between wireless and cable operators

If T-Mobile's new Cellspot Wi-Fi router proves popular with consumers, the company will not only be enhancing its coverage and call quality with consumers, it might also be positioning itself for future partnerships and for new business opportunities.

T-Mobile pushes Wi-Fi-calling, texting, debuts proprietary 'Cellspot' personal cell tower

t-mobile Mike Sievert CMO

SAN FRANCISCO--T-Mobile US is making a big push for Wi-Fi calling by letting customers upgrade to a new Wi-Fi capable smartphone if they don't already have one. In addition, the carrier is offering postpaid customers a free (with a $25 deposit) proprietary "Cellspot" Wi-Fi router for their home to enhance their in-home coverage.

Sprint's Saw: 16M customers have access to HD voice

LAS VEGAS--Just two months since launching nationwide HD voice service, Sprint says that 16 million customers have access to HD voice service. Speaking at the 4G World conference held here in conjunction with Super Mobility Week, Dr. John Saw, chief network officer of Sprint said that the improved voice quality offered by HD voice is taking the pressure off the carrier to offering voice over LTE service. "We want a solid VoLTE experience before we push it out," he said.

FCC's Wheeler: Operators need to 'show up' for 600 MHz incentive auction

LAS VEGAS--FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said that it's crucial that wireless carriers participate in the 600 MHz incentive auction that is planned for mid-2015.  Speaking at the Competitive Carriers' Association show here, Wheeler said that a segment of the broadcast industry, which has been very vocal in its opposition to this auction, is saying that there are not enough wireless carriers to participate to make it worthwhile for the broadcasters. "It is crucial that you show up. And show up now."