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Tammy Parker is the editor of FierceWirelessTech. She previously was a principal analyst and editor with Informa Telecoms & Media and earlier held top editorial positions at RCR Wireless News and Wireless Week. In the mid-1990s, she published her own respected newsletter, Inside Wireless. Tammy has misplaced or unintentionally destroyed more cell phones than most people have owned in their entire life. A third-generation Coloradan, Tammy is based in the Boulder area. You can find her on LinkedIn, and she can be reached at tparker@fiercemarkets.com


Articles by Tammy Parker

AT&T dealmakers apply their magic to M&A

A team of internal merger-and-acquisition wizards conjured up a succession of deals over two decades that turned Midwestern regional telco Southwestern Bell into AT&T, now the largest U.S. telecom carrier by revenue. And although this famed merger team was frustrated in its attempt to close a merger deal with T-Mobile US in 2011 after antitrust authorities stepped in, it is still chasing deals both large and small.

Google, others applaud FCC's plan for 600 MHz unlicensed spectrum

The FCC approved rules for next year's incentive auction of 600 MHz broadcast TV spectrum that will open up bandwidth for unlicensed wireless use. Depending upon the how much spectrum is voluntarily relinquished by broadcasters in a reverse auction and repacked for the forward auction, a total of 14 to 28 MHz of guard band spectrum should be available for unlicensed use in a given area. And FCC official said that, depending on how much spectrum is repurposed in a given market, the agency expects the guard bands to be between 7 MHz and 11 MHz wide.

Syniverse aims to aggregate contextual information, drive mobile marketing and banking

BARCELONA, Spain--A pilot project between Syniverse and MasterCard to ensuer mobile users' credit card transactions will be enabled no matter where they travel is part of Syniverse's broader plan to become an aggregator of contextual information that links brands and mobile customers to the benefit of their mutual customers.

MediaTek hopes to corner the 'super-mid market' for the 'everyday genius'

BARCELONA, Spain--Chipmaker MediaTek is targeting what it calls the "super-mid market" for smart devices, which the company said is being driven by a rising global middle class and a vision of markets worldwide where literally anyone can become connected.

Report: Leaked T-Mobile ad confirms plan to pay families' termination fees

T-Mobile US reportedly yanked an online banner ad Tuesday night that confirmed its plan to pay families' early termination fees when they cancel service with rival carriers, switch to T-Mobile and trade in their devices, a move designed to maintain the self-proclaimed "uncarrier's" momentum in stealing customers from its competitors.

Sprint kicks off Framily, a group-based calling plan

Sprint announced broader availability of its Spark tri-band LTE service and also rolled out a a new calling circle offering, dubbed a "Framily Plan," to drive customer additions.

Verizon's McAdam: Regulators would demand spectrum sales for merger of Sprint, T-Mobile

A merger deal that results in the U.S. mobile market having only three national operators rather than four might be approved but only if the parties involved divest some of their spectrum holdings, predicted Verizon Communications CEO Lowell McAdam.

U.S. Cellular's $50M payoff to subscribers over billing errors will impact Q4 results

U.S. Cellular, still reeling from a troublesome billing conversion, issued $50 million worth of what it calls "reward points" to its customer base to make up for the problems. The reward points are basically customer credits that can be redeemed for free handsets and accessories, and their issuance will impact the carrier's fourth-quarter profitability and will sit on its balance sheet as a liability.

Leap: Advanced smartphones prompting business model changes

No-contract carrier Leap Wireless is taking a hard look at its basic business model--from service activation to device financing--as it works to better accommodate customer adoption of more sophisticated smartphones, according to Doug Hutcheson, president and CEO.

Verizon Wireless gained 2.1M net adds during Q4

The fourth quarter of 2012 was "the best fourth quarter in the history of Verizon Wireless," said Verizon Communications CEO Lowell McAdam, who credited the wireless operator's Share Everything plan for luring 2.1 million net additions to the carrier during the quarter, 30 percent of which were new to Verizon.