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Seybold's Take: FirstNet board appointees ready for public safety broadband network challenge

At the APCO International annual conference held in Minneapolis Aug. 19-22, the acting Secretary of Commerce, Rebecca Blank, announced the twelve members of the FirstNet board of directors from the public sector. The board is a fifteen-member board with three permanent members representing the federal government.

Seybold's Take: Why auction spectrum?

There are many reasons to auction spectrum but the main reason seems to be that it gives Congress bragging rights about reducing the debt.

Seybold's Take: Spectrum is the true currency of wireless operators

Spectrum is the currency of true value for commercial network operators. The demand for broadband services continues to surge ahead month after month and all of the network operators are saying they need more spectrum.

Seybold's Take: Public safety's 700 MHz LTE network an opportunity for vendors

Over the next few years a new 700 MHz LTE network will be built and this one will provide LTE services to cover 96 percent of the U.S. population. However, you and I won't be able to access this

Seybold's Take: Spectrum auctions locked in Congress

The FCC has committed in its Broadband Plan it submitted to Congress a couple of years ago that it would "find" 500 MHz of spectrum for broadband use within the next 10 years. Further, that within

Seybold's Take: Return of the device wars

As LTE systems are being built and LTE devices are becoming available, a lot of things are happening in the device world. Android is either slipping or gaining share, depending on whom you listen to,

Seybold's Take: What if Clearwire had switched to LTE sooner?

In the LightSquared debate, we see LightSquared fighting to make it sound as though its network will not interfere with GPS receivers. I have to wonder whether Clearwire, which is in financial

Seybold's Take: Should Vodafone migrate DSL customers to LTE?

Vodafone Germany announced that it will attempt to migrate its DSL (wired) customers to its LTE wireless broadband network. The move is designed to save Vodafone Germany up to €500 million a

Seybold's Take: Why LightSquared's proposed system will interfere with GPS

Early test results show that LightSquared's planned terrestrial broadband network will, indeed, interfere with GPS receivers. Since the LightSquared spectrum is adjacent to the GPS system, which is

Seybold's Take: Protect yourself from cyber attacks

How fast can you disconnect your network from the Internet? How many touch points are there between your network and the Internet? In light of all of the new cyber attacks, you might want to