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The Weather Channel overhauls Android app to keep up with popularity

FierceDeveloper contributor Jason Ankeny spoke with The Weather Channel's Cameron Clayton about working with Android, reconceptualizing mobile ads and the app's new TruPoint technology.

LG expands Optimus lineup, emphasizes LTE devices

BARCELONA, Spain--LG revealed four new Optimus devices, the G, Vu, F and LII, at a press event here at the Mobile World Congress trade show. Of note is the Optimus G Pro, which is the company's follow-up to the Optimus G device released to select markets in August 2012.

AT&T extends FaceTime use over cellular to tiered-data customers

AT&T Mobility announced it will expand access to Apple's FaceTime over cellular to customers on tiered data plans at no additional cost. Previously, the videochatting service was limited to AT&T's iOS users with an AT&T Mobile Share plan or LTE-capable devices.

Google struggles with mobile, revenue dips in Q3

Google failed to meet analyst expectations for the third quarter of 2012, its first with Motorola Mobility fully integrated into its ranks. Much of this could be attributed to Motorola, which had an operating loss of $527 million, a huge increase from the $41 million for the same statistic last year. Overall Motorola revenues were $1.25 billion, with $843 million coming from its mobile segment.