CESLive 2014

CES 2014 Scorecard: Who were the winners and losers?
The Fierce editorial team was at CES in full force. And now that we've recovered from the outrageously long cab lines, the packed show floor and the standing-room-only panels, we've had time to contemplate some of the major themes from CES and what they mean to the wireless industry. Some companies emerged stronger than ever. Likewise, others failed to make an impression. Here's a scorecard of the technologies and companies that we think emerged as winners and losers at last week's event.

Connected cars drive hype into reality, while wearables come up short and cheap

Android punches holes in Windows' sails

T-Mobile fires up CES while Verizon sits on sidelines

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TiVo execs eye potential Charter rollout, U.S. launch of network DVRs

Tom Rogers, CEO of TiVo, and EVP Jeff Klugman talk with FierceCable Editor Steve Donohue about how cable consolidation could impact TiVo, and how Comcast has become both a competitor and a partner for the DVR hardware and software vendor.

Cisco demos Echo multiscreen video product

Cisco executives said its multiscreen technology demonstration at CES, dubbed Echo, was built on HTML5 technology and was intended to stand as a look at one possible interface for the future of TV.

Who were the biggest pay-TV winners and losers at CES?

Analyzing the impact of cable consolidation will likely be a key focus for us this year, but here some of the stories and ideas that we believe are worth keeping an eye on after the trip to the Consumer Electronics Show.

Dish CEO: Young people won't pay $100 a month for content

Want to know what Dish Network CEO Joe Clayton thinks of OTT pay-TV, 4K, satellite broadband service, cable consolidation and how pay-TV providers are differentiating themselves in a mature market? Head over to  FierceCable, where Editor Steve Donohue has an informative interview with the Dish executive. 

CES 2014 Scorecard: Who were the winners and losers?

Today, wireless is a dominant part of CES. But the buzz is no longer about smartphones and tablets--it's about wearable devices and connected cars. And interestingly, it's also become a place for wireless carriers to make announcements about their networks and even their latest rate plan innovations.

With Ergen 'entirely focused on wireless,' Clayton steering pay TV biz at Dish Network

After Dish Network founder and Chairman Charlie Ergen shot down my interview request last Tuesday, I was a bit surprised that the company agreed to schedule an interview the next day with CEO Joseph Clayton.

Esser: Cox hooking 40,000 Contour subs monthly

Cox Communications is deploying its new "Record 6" DVR  in about 40,000 subscriber homes monthly, President Patrick Esser said last week at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Dish Network CEO weighs in on broadband wireless, virtual cable, pay TV consolidation

During the Consumer Electronics Show, Steve Donohue, editor of FierceCable, sat down with Dish Network President and CEO Joseph Clayton. In addition to talking about Dish's broadband wireless and over-the-top video ambitions, the former Sirius XM chairman offers his thoughts on pay TV consolidation, CES, and 4K Ultra HD TV.

Wearables make a splash at CES 2014, but might not be ready for mass appeal

LAS VEGAS--Wearable computers were seemingly everywhere at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, popping up in keynotes and at booths, in the form of watches, earbuds, bracelets bands and others. However, according to analysts and executives, many of them are not quite ready for prime time in terms of function and style.

Intel, MediaTek, Broadcom and Nvidia try to catch up to Qualcomm in LTE

LAS VEGAS--Qualcomm remains the market leader by far in the cellular baseband market, and in LTE chips in particular. However, its chipset rivals made clear this week at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show that they are intent on using 2014 to close the gap on Qualcomm when it comes to LTE.