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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

T-Mobile adds $40 'Simple Starter' plan, promises more moves ahead

T-Mobile US introduced a low-end $40 plan and promised other competitive moves in the days ahead as it seeks to continue shaking up the market with its "uncarrier" push.

Analyst: MSOs, wireless carriers should partner to move eyeballs to mobile devices

Cable operators looking to expand the reach of their content should consider partnering with wireless carriers to get their content onto mobile screens, according to an analyst that covers the pay-TV and over-the-top content space.    

Grading the top U.S. wireless carriers in the fourth quarter of 2013

The following charts the top U.S. wireless carriers in the fourth quarter of 2013 by subscriber base, according to research firm Strategy Analytics, and includes major metrics--such as churn, ARPU and revenue--of each carrier.  The subscriber figures include both retail and wholesale customers.  As the fourth-quarter reporting season comes to a close, it's time to start parsing the information to see which carriers slipped and which managed to get ahead.

Get ready for the OTT service, community and access provider

BARCELONA, Spain--Wireless operators for years have been worrying about over-the-top service providers. Indeed, OTT services are the main reason that wireless carriers in the United States and elsewhere launched unlimited calling and texting pricing plans--they were a way to remove the leverage that services like iMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger had over users. Why shift your communications to WhatsApp when your wireless carrier already offers unlimited calling and text messaging?

Analysts: Facebook's WhatsApp deal won't sting U.S. carriers, but may affect those in emerging markets

Facebook's $16 billion deal for over-the-top messaging service WhatsApp likely will not have a major impact on U.S. carriers and other Western operators because most have begun offering unlimited voice and text messaging. However, the action could put pressure on carriers in emerging markets, according to industry analysts.

Infonetics: Why the enterprise and SMB market is operators' 'happily ever after'

At the end of the day, business services are admittedly less "sexy" than consumer apps, but may well represent the better opportunity for operators to generate revenue and remain relevant going forward, and provide them with the "happily ever after" they're looking for.

Who are the 25 most powerful people in U.S. wireless and wireline?

Who are the movers and shakers that make or break the U.S. wireless and wireline industries? In this annual list, FierceWireless ranks the men and women who make the decisions that shape the telecom industry. Click here for the full list.

Facebook is now in the GSMA- will Google, Amazon, Twitter and Yahoo be next?

Including more Internet companies in the GSMA membership would get the carriers out of an insular mindset that treats over-the-top players as enemies. On the flipside, social networking and media distribution companies would benefit from having a seat at the table with wireless carriers.

Some 911 operators aren't getting cell phone location data- who is to blame?

There is mounting evidence that a large and growing number of the nation's 911 operators aren't able to locate your cell phone when you call 911. This despite FCC rules dating way back to 2006 that wireless carriers need to provide 911 operators with the latitude and longitude coordinates, within 300 meters, of all mobile 911 callers.  What's the problem here?

Reports indicate Apple's iPhone 5s will be in short supply on Friday

Supplies of Apple's new high-end iPhone 5s may be extremely constrained in the opening weekend of availability, according to multiple reports, as rumors continue to fly over how much demand there will be for both the 5s and its cheaper counterpart, the iPhone 5c.