BMI: Ringback revenues to top $235 million in 2009


Ringback sales in the U.S. will surpass the $235 million mark in 2009 according to music performing rights organization BMI. With an estimated 10 million U.S. subscribers now signed up for ringback services through their mobile operator, BMI forecasts revenues will increase 15 percent over its 2008 market estimate of $205 million and 68 percent over 2007 projections of $140 million. BMI adds that ringbacks now enjoy industry-wide penetration of about 4 percent; rates fluctuate from operator to operator, going from less than 2 percent in some cases to as much as 9 percent in others. All major U.S. carriers now offer ringbacks, at retail prices between $1.99 and $2.50 per tone. Most operators require a monthly recurring subscription fee with the service, ranging from $.99 to $5.00.

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