Although smartphone applications are driving digital media usage, recent data indicates that many smartphone users avoid downloading new apps.

The Pokémon Go Plus peripheral is now available, but many Android users are already questioning the device's value.

The user experience (UX) remains a key consideration for many mobile app developers, yet few developers understand how poor UX can impact the bottom line.

Many developers are still struggling with chatbots and remain uncertain what value – if any – these computer programs can provide.

Nearly all mobile application categories grew last year – with one notable exception.  

Apple has announced that Super Mario Run, a mobile title that features Super Mario characters and gameplay, will arrive on iOS later this year.

Coordination with end users may influence how long they engage with an app, according to digital product studio Fisherman Labs.

Many small business operators are using mobile and web-based applications to maintain their day-to-day productivity.

Apple has introduced the iPhone 7, its first water- and dust-resistant iPhone.