Geoff Blaber

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Geoff Blaber joined CCS Insight in 2007 from IDC, where he established a reputation for informed qualitative analysis on industry dynamics, company strategies, product positioning and market forecasts. He is a well-known member of the analyst community and provides regular commentary to leading organisations such as Reuters, the Financial Times and the BBC.

Articles by Geoff Blaber

CCS Insight: Jolla's Sailfish OS takes on the mobile goliaths

If Jolla can successfully identify pockets of demand and tightly manage its costs, it may create a sustainable niche. Should it be even moderately successful, Intel and Nokia will look back wistfully at what could have been.

CCS Insight: Apple responds to tablet challengers with iPad mini

Apple has delivered a product at a price that enables the iPad mini to defend itself against rival products from Amazon and Google in the near term and exacerbate an already daunting challenge for Windows RT licensees.