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Keith Mallinson is a leading industry expert, analyst and consultant. Solving business problems in wireless and mobile communications, he founded consulting firm WiseHarbor in 2007. WiseHarbor publishes an Extended Mobile Broadband Forecast. This includes network equipment, devices and carrier services to 2025. Further details are available at:

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Mallinson: When it comes to roaming, mobile networks now beat Wi-Fi on a number of levels

European regulation and competition have already made voice and text roaming affordable and widely used. One way or another, within the next few years, mobile data roaming will also become the norm for the majority travelling to most frequently-visited nations.

Mallinson: Substituting capital for labour--LTE Advanced added and 1,500 jobs lost at Bouygues Telecom

The need to reduce costs is as pressing in France at Bouygues Telecom as anywhere, and yet the company is forging ahead with its 4G investments including its recent launch of LTE Advanced (LTE-A) and will modernise its stores.

Mallinson: Political tide turns against antitrust authorities blocking mobile operator mergers

The question of whether or not to allow mobile network operator consolidation remains highly contentious and is coming to a head with ongoing competition investigations into acquisition bids and recent statements from public leaders. "Balancing" the interests of consumers, operators and the broader economy in the short and long terms largely comes down to preferences for those who hold power in an environment of conflicting agendas and economic theories with rapid change and significant uncertainties in the sector.

Mallinson: Roaming charges are in terminal decline

International roaming is a major growth opportunity for operators in the face of domestic market saturation, however tales of bill shock for data roamers do little for operators' reputation with consumers, and are sparking attempts to eliminate roaming fees altogether.

Mallinson: Fixed-mobile convergence is back

Fixed-mobile convergence is a popular proposition once again, but with better prospects than a decade or two ago. More tightly integrated fixed and mobile will be the hallmark of future networks and services with fast, reliable and economic delivery, and upon which access to prime video content will be paramount.

Mallinson: Facebook pays over-the-top for WhatsApp

Keith Mallinson There is a lot to play for and at stake in mobile communications. It is among the very largest industries with operator revenues of $1.16 trillion (€812.4 billion)...

Mallinson: Carriers need to deploy LTE Advanced HetNets - and fast

While LTE is successfully providing faster services at lower cost in new spectrum, LTE Advanced takes things further by maximising capacity in hot-spots, improving coverage and service quality--particularly at the cell edges. LTE Advanced, with features standardised in 3GPP Releases 10 and 11 optimises the coexistence of large and small cells by coordinating them. These techniques are, unsurprisingly, needed most where demands are high and spectrum holdings are short.

Mallinson: '5G' fortunes - what's in store for Europe?

Technology makes so much possible. We are principally constrained by the limits to our imagination and reluctance to try doing things that are new and different. We have come a long way with 2G, 3G and 4G, but there is clearly still enormous scope for innovation and improvement on our mobile networks with 5G. Perhaps Europe will regain its former glory and fortune by making this happen?

Mallinson: European LTE demand driven by fixed-line replacement

European nations are significantly more dependent on mobile for broadband connections than fibre-rich South Korea and the widely-cabled United States, for example.  Europe cannot afford to wait for "5G." It needs to accelerate its laggardly 3G and 4G deployments forthwith.

Mallinson: Can European wireless vendors reclaim their past glory?

It is vital that the European development community--from silicon design to software applications--work to benefit from making, using, optimizing and commercializing 4G LTE here at home. Thankfully, and most importantly, market growth potential for mobile and wirelessly connected devices and services is substantial and certain. However, we can't be effective in developing 5G or becoming leaders in providing it to the world if we are not even on the pace in 4G.