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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or is it growth in Europe's mobile sector?

Vodafone posted a rise in quarterly sales for the first time in nearly three years, a development hailed by some industry commentators as a possible sign of a general recovery in the mobile industry.

Carphone's iD MVNO set to hit Three UK where it hurts

The UK market's latest mobile virtual network operator, iD from Carphone Warehouse, is placing a strong focus on inclusive roaming and 4G at no extra cost, while unlimited data is also included in some of its pay monthly plans.

The trials and tribulations of a mobile phone customer

Customer dissatisfaction with the care they receive from their operator is still at a high level, with one recent report revealing there is still a large gap between expectation and reality.

Is Turkey about to gamble with its mobile broadband future?

Turkey's Prime Minister is reported to be seriously considering cancelling the country's 4G spectrum auction planned in May, as he believes Turkey could be better served moving straight to 5G. For a country not known for its rapid adoption of new mobile broadband technologies, such a move seems something of a gamble.

Will the Watch be Apple's biggest success, or biggest challenge yet?

With the global launch of Apple's smart watch now only days away, analysts are unclear on whether the device will be the company's biggest earner to date, or its greatest consumer challenge.

Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent: the French connection

Just a day after announcing they were in "advanced discussions with respect to a potential full combination," Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent on Wednesday revealed full details of their plans to combine under the Nokia brand, with headquarters in Finland, a strong presence in France and Nokia boss Rajeev Suri as CEO.

Mobile consumer prices and revenue: how do we get the balance right?

Europe is still struggling with that tricky balance of ensuring that prices can stay low for consumers while also enabling mobile operators to thrive.

Building 5G networks without the band aid

Now that I've had a few days to let last week's conference on 5G organised by the NGMN Alliance sink in a little more, I've been struck anew by the degree to which the mobile industry is planning for a future that is currently largely imagined.

5G networks look to a virtual future

If I had to cite one word that featured in a number of presentations at the NGMN Alliance's industry event this week on 5G, it would be "slice". Not the most technical of terms it has to be said, but it cropped up time and time again as operators and vendors sought to explain how future mobile networks would be designed to cope with the demands of the "5G era" after 2020.

LTE in Africa: A question of spectrum

Our latest special report looks at LTE developments in Africa in order to gain some insights into progress so far, and what some of the players are planning to do in the coming months.