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The rise and fall and rise of operator mobile voice

For a long time, it was all about data, but now mobile voice is firmly back in operators' sights as they seek to retrieve control of what was their former sole domain. Our recent special report on Wi-Fi calling, for example, explored some of the approaches, from dialler-integrated Wi-Fi calling through to downloadable apps such as Three InTouch and Telefonica's TU Go service.

Why and how mobile operators in Europe are rolling out Wi-Fi calling

In our latest special report we look at the approaches being taken by mobile operators in Europe to integrate Wi-Fi calling into their overall service offer. You can read the full report here.

The benefits of mobile are multifaceted in emerging markets

The benefits of mobile money services for the so-called "unbanked" in developing markets across Africa have long been extolled. This week, a Bloomberg article also highlighted how mobile phones could now even be used to help the unbanked obtain loans.

Ericsson and Cisco: praise for the non-merger

The news broke this week that mobile network supremo Ericsson and Cisco, a pervasive and dominant force in IP networking, plan to form a partnership rather than merging in order to benefit from each other's strengths in a changing and increasingly competitive world.

Telecoms customers hacked off with being hacked

It's not been the best few weeks for customer service in the UK telecoms industry. First TalkTalk said around 21,000 unique bank account numbers had been accessed by hackers. Then came the news that Vodafone UK had also been subject to hacking, affecting almost 2,000 customers. It's clear that more needs to be done -- and the reaction of operators in the aftermath of these events is crucial.

Connected cars: Who's making money today, and how?

Connected cars are one of the fastest growing segments of the broader machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) sectors. Network operators and in-car telematics hardware producers are increasingly cashing in on a market that SNS Research forecasts could generate revenues of $40 billion (€36.2 billion) by 2020.

Achieving healthy competition in mobile services is a fine balance

Arguments for and against mergers and acquisitions in Europe's mobile sector have dominated headlines of late, as the region's telecoms sheriffs clash with industry leaders over whether and to what extent in-market and cross-border mergers should be permitted.

Will pure-play mobile have a role in Europe?

It has been widely speculated this week that Deutsche Telekom is considering selling its mobile unit in the Netherlands in a deal that could be worth almost €5 billion ($5.7 billion). Although not confirmed, one reason for a potential sale would likely be that T-Mobile Netherlands is one of the few pure-play mobile operators in the German company's portfolio.

Vodafone flexes its fixed and multi-play muscles

Vodafone may have given up on asset-swap talks with Liberty Global for now, but the company is continuing its global strategy of offering fixed services within individual markets to drive additional revenue and make sure fickle users stay.

Operators should stop annoying subscribers and invest in customer support

Brands and service strategies are evolving to meet the demands of new and different services. Customer service support also needs to evolve accordingly, and it is here that telecoms operators still seem to be falling short -- at least if one new report and recent personal experience are anything to go by.