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EU operators turn to fixed-mobile convergence as mobile-only loses lustre

Two's company, three's a crowd. So what does four make? Where mobile operators are concerned, four and more is the number of services they increasingly aspire to provide to their customers.

Apple Pay: Good or bad for Europe's operators?

NFC in mobile phones to allow contactless payments is far from a new topic, and one of the main discussion points has been the role that mobile operators could play in the value chain. The question now being asked is: will Apple Pay be good or bad for mobile operators?

A little education on roaming fees could go a long way

It is clear that many consumers still believe data roaming is expensive even within the EU. For sure, data roaming can still add to the cost of a mobile phone bill, but what is often blatantly clear is that many consumers remain badly educated on what options they have.

Operators, please improve your rural coverage

The usefulness of navigation systems certainly hits home when you're driving around unfamiliar areas and need help to get you from A to B. Of course it's also possible to get apps that allow you to download GPS maps, which work even when you do not have a mobile internet connection. But what happens when you do need 3G?

It's holiday time, so put that BlackBerry down

It's the silly season, meaning that news is thin on the ground as Europe departs en masse for its summer break.

Niel and Drahi: Two French entrepreneurs with a certain je ne sais quoi

France's profile as a producer of entrepreneurs and canny risk takers must surely have been enhanced by the recent antics of two of its leading lights: Xavier Niel and Patrick Drahi.

Mobile coverage is a core consideration for property buyers

A new survey of UK residents commissioned by mobile analytics company RootMetrics found that a decent mobile signal is topping the list of priorities for 18-24 year-old property buyers in the UK.

The changing nature of 'universal' comms services

UK regulator Ofcom has just tackled the issue of what is now deemed essential by consumers in a new report on the affordability of these essential communications services. Its findings showed a broad consensus on which services are seen as the most essential, which are voice services in general but mobile services in particular (voice and text) and access to the internet, particularly the fixed internet.

Managing expectations in a high-speed telecoms world

This year has been something of a milestone in my personal technology user roadmap. First, I gained a 4G plan and smartphone (or LTE for the purists among us), and more recently my apartment was wired up with fibre optic technology that I hope will prove be an improvement on my previous slightly temperamental ADSL service.

Telco Data's plans could prove crucial to Tele2's Norway sale

Events in Norway have raised the alarming prospect that this market could be reduced to a duopoly. This situation emerged after Tele2 failed to win an LTE licence in Norway and was therefore forced to consider options for its unit. These deliberations have now culminated in a sale of Tele2 Norway to rival TeliaSonera, meaning that TeliaSonera and former incumbent Telenor will more or less carve up the Norwegian market between them.