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Operators should stop annoying subscribers and invest in customer support

Brands and service strategies are evolving to meet the demands of new and different services. Customer service support also needs to evolve accordingly, and it is here that telecoms operators still seem to be falling short -- at least if one new report and recent personal experience are anything to go by.

What next for Vodafone after Liberty talks end?

Vodafone Group confirmed this week that discussions with Liberty Global on a possible asset swap have ended. The question now is what lies ahead for the mobile giant, which has been pursuing a strategy of launching converged fixed and mobile services in key markets in order to secure new revenue streams as well as attract and -- importantly -- retain customers.

UN broadband goals are not being met, but mobile adoption impresses

The ITU notes that mobile broadband is the fastest-growing ICT service in history, taking just five years to achieve 1 billion users. By the end of 2015, there will be 3.5 billion mobile broadband subscriptions, amounting to nearly half (48.8 per cent) of all mobile subscriptions.

M&A momentum stutters in Europe's mobile markets

The announcement last week that TeliaSonera and Telenor had abandoned their plans after being unable to agree to concessions that would have alleviated European Commission (EC) concerns over the merger's impact on competition in the market has sent one or two shock waves through the market.

Mobile voice will carry on, but not as we know it

Three years ago almost all UK smartphone owners made at least one call per week. Now, 25 per cent of smartphone users have become data-exclusive, in a given week. If the rate of decline continues at the same pace, almost half of smartphone owners would not be making traditional voice calls weekly by mid-2018, Deloitte said. VoWiFi and VoLTE are expected to play an important part in maintaining voice's role.

Ranking of 5 leading quad-play markets in Western Europe

In our latest special report, we have taken a look at five leading quad-play markets in Western Europe and ranked them based on data provided by Pyramid Research for the five markets as of the end of 2014. The markets in order of ranking by household penetration of quad-play bundles are France, Portugal, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands.

Altice's Combes says 'non' to French price war, as Free presses on regardless

Michel Combes the newly appointed COO of Numericable-SFR and COO of Altice, said he had no intention of launching a new price war in France in order to win back customers. Yet as Combes moves to his new offices this week, Free Mobile continued to torture its mobile rivals with a new offer that includes the highest smartphone data allowance in France with no change in price.

Did your smartphone ruin your summer break?

Holidays are not really the same as they used to be. Now that so many of us are connected all of the time, it is increasingly difficult to switch off. What we don't know yet is the impact that this "always on-ness" will have on our future wellbeing because of our inability to ever completely "get away from it all".

The curious tale of the smartphone kill switch

In February this year a report revealed that so-called "kill switches" on smartphones were having a marked impact on thefts in New York, London and San Franciso. While the U.S. mobile industry has galvanised itself to a certain extent to ensure that smartphones sold in the country come with such technology, apart from London Mayor Boris Johnson Europe seems to have been fairly quite on the issue.

Europe's fragile mobile market continues to show improving trends

In May, a selection of quarterly results from some of Europe's largest operators indicated that the tide might be turning in the region's mobile sector. Now, as results for the April-June period start to emerge, the omens still look good as some operators report a return to revenue growth for the first time in some years.