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Latest Headlines

Can Giffgaff, Wifog and other new MVNOs become the next Virgin Mobile?

What does it actually take to become a successful MVNO? Network operators, MVNOs and enablers of MVNOs likely have different answers to that question. The overwhelming message appears to be that to succeed MVNOs need to find a business model that works for all parties concerned.

BT preparing to join UK LTE fight

BT revealed plans to enter the UK's increasingly busy LTE market, with a service for business users due to launch in a matter of weeks.

Operators can spend tons on marketing, but even satisfied customers can still leave

Operators know in their hearts that both existing and potential subscribers probably hate them, because customers invariably find something to grumble about when it comes to any kind of supplier. Mobile phone users watch heart-warming TV campaigns with a cynical sneer and remain convinced that the operator is just out to get them--or at least a sizeable part of their wallet.

EE boosts pre-tax earnings, brings jobs home to UK

EE scraped a double digit increase in earnings before interest depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) in 2013, as a cost cutting program offset declining revenue.

How far is France's Free Mobile prepared to go?

The last thing Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and even Iliad need is to kill the golden goose of LTE. No one in the industry will thank Iliad if LTE suffers due to its rather audacious approach.

3 UK CEO: Britain could manage with 3 mobile networks

Joining other leading European executives in calling for telecoms market consolidation, 3 UK CEO David Dyson said the UK could operate with just three mobile networks under the right circumstances.

3 UK adopts stealth approach to LTE launch

If you are a 3 UK customer and have recently bought an LTE device such as an iPhone 5s, you may find yourself unexpectedly able to access LTE networks, depending on where you live.

UK government puts pressure on operators to lower mobile bills

Bosses of the UKs four mobile network operators were summoned to meet Prime Minister David Cameron this week as the UK coalition government attempts to prove it is making efforts to bring down the cost of living amid soaring energy prices.

Vodafone UK fails to reach 3G target

Vodafone UK was raked over the coals by regulator Ofcom this week for being the only one of the country's four mobile network operators to miss its coverage obligations by the end of June.

Ofcom slams operators over 3G coverage on roads, allows early contract exit

UK telecoms regulator Ofcom has come down hard on the market's mobile network operators, first saying they should allow users to exit their mobile contracts without penalty if the monthly tariff increases and then announcing plans to review 3G coverage after its latest figures show shockingly low levels of coverage for 3G data services on Britain's roads.