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Latest Headlines

Ericsson reveals separate 5G developments with Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom

Ericsson maintained its focus on 5G technology development with separate announcements involving Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom in the past two days.

Deutsche Telekom establishes separate board focussed on convergence, digitisation

Deutsche Telekom announced Claudia Nemat will head up a new board that the operator is establishing to focus on its convergent network, innovation and IT activities.

UK operators ponder next moves as Brexit sinks in

Operators are still digesting the potential impact of the UK's decision to leave the European Union (EU), with most attempting to present a calm front in the face of plunging markets and share prices.

Deutsche Telekom launches Wi-Fi calling in Germany

Deutsche Telekom has become the latest European operator to launch Wi-Fi calling as part of efforts to enable users to make calls where cellular network coverage is poor or non-existent.

TIM teams with Ericsson for 5G push in Italy

TIM became the latest European operator to sign an agreement with a leading vendor as part of efforts to boost the development of future 5G technology through a deal with Ericsson.

Berg Insight reveals European smart home penetration lags North America

Berg Insight said Europe's smart home market lagged North America by two to three years in terms of penetration and market maturity at the end of 2015, with an installed base of 5.3 million smart homes compared to 12.7 million in North America.

Deutsche Telekom CEO details the key role of 5G in digital future

Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Höttges declared that 5G is the industry's answer to future demands for network connectivity, and hit out at rivals' criticism regarding the operator's domestic broadband business.

Deutsche Telekom offsets European earnings weakness with strong showing in systems, U.S.

Deutsche Telekom's first-quarter 2016 earnings were broadly in line with analysts' expectations, although the Germany-based operator's domestic and broader European operations continued to show weakness during the period.

Ovum: Popularity of quad-play 'damaging' for pure-play mobile operators

Ovum said the popularity of quad-play services in Europe has been damaging for pure-play mobile operators, which tend to be the smallest operators in their respective markets.

Deutsche Telekom healthcare MD issues e-Health rallying call

Deutsche Telekom's MD for healthcare solutions said Germany's health industry is not keeping pace with growing sales of fitness trackers or the expanding capabilities of smartphones, and that hospitals must not be put off digitising services by a rash of recent cyber attacks.