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Latest Headlines

Will LTE be threatened by new satellite broadband offers?

Eutelsat launched consumer packages offering download speeds up to 20 Mbps with upload rates of 4 Mbps to 6 Mbps, which it claims is the fastest satellite packages available in Europe. Could this be a threat to LTE?

Eutelsat soars into rural web access

Eutelsat is making a play for Europe’s rural broadband users with the opening of its KA-SAT high throughput satellite for commercial operations.   The bird offers

Satellite broadband a viable option

Fiber broadband plans, DSL bonding and LTE may be grabbing all the headlines in the broadband access space, but satellite broadband access is not only still a viable and growing business but also a

French high-speed trains to offer WiFi

French rail operator SNCF is planning to roll out WiFi services on all its TGV Est trains by the end of 2010. The decision by SNCF to deploy a paid-for WiFi service on its whole Est fleet follows a