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Latest Headlines

As Verizon embraces Firefox OS for smartphones, AT&T remains on the fence

BARCELONA, Spain--AT&T Mobility will continue to consider supporting new, emerging smartphone platforms like Firefox and others, but so far the carrier hasn't seen a compelling reason to do so, said a top AT&T executive. That position stands in contrast to Verizon Wireless, which this week announced it will sell phones running the Firefox OS starting next year.

ABI Research: Android's OS dominance may have peaked

ABI Research said Android had a market share of 53 per cent in 2014, but that future growth will be more muted as rival operating systems become more popular.

Mozilla sets sights on $25 smartphone with Firefox OS

Mozilla is partnering with Shanghai-based Spreadtrum to help drive down the costs of chipsets for smartphones and make the $25 price point a reality.  In addition, the company announced that its Firefox OS will expand to 12 more markets (on top of the existing 15 markets). Those new markets initially include Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Argentina and Ecuador. 

Android OS dominates smart watch market

Google's Android operating system (OS) is dominating more than just smartphone shipments, according to latest figures from Strategy Analytics.

Firefox, toll-free data won't cure operators' OTT ills

BARCELONA, Spain--Two major trends in the wireless industry appear to be converging. On one hand, operators continue to struggle with over-the-top players like Google, Viber, Facebook Messenger and Skype cutting into their voice and messaging revenues. On the other hand, operators have quietly been inking deals with content providers in order to offer cheap or free access to specific services, a practice some have dubbed the toll-free data model. Now, it seems some companies are hoping toll-free data models can put wireless carriers back in the game and give them some leverage against the OTT tide.

Ubuntu, Firefox and Jolla execs blast iOS, Android dominance

BARCELONA, Spain--The chief executives from Ubuntu, Firefox and Jolla argued that the wireless industry is desperately in need of additional smartphone choices, and that Apple and Samsung's dominance of the market is in need of breaking.

Telefónica explains why it's selling ZTE's 'Open' Firefox phone

BARCELONA, Spain--Telefónica plans to sell ZTE's "Open" Firefox OS phone sometime this summer in Europe and Latin America. The carrier said it will target the phone to younger customers who have not yet purchased their first smartphone.

Vodafone, Telefónica CEOs explain OTT responses, lambaste regulatory stipulations

BARCELONA, Spain--The CEOs of two of the world's largest mobile operators explained how they have been responding to the threat of over-the-top service providers like Skype, WhatsApp and others. They also bemoaned regulatory rules they said have hindered their ability to quickly respond to market changes and build lasting business models.

Firefox makes waves with mobile OS

The first commercial build of Mozilla’s HTML5-centric

Mozilla's Firefox OS unlikely to reach the U.S. market until 2014

BARCELONA, Spain--Mozilla formally took the wraps off its Firefox OS here ahead of the start of Mobile World Congress, assembling an array of carrier and device partners as part of a push to break through the clutter of the smartphone race.