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Latest Headlines

The long-term effects of AT&T's Next, Verizon's Edge are still not clear

The shift away from the traditional U.S. model of a subsidized smartphone in exchange for a two-year contract appears to be accelerating and is likely going to continue to do so for the next few quarters. However, the shift might not be in the best interests of carriers, handset makers or consumers in the long run.

Analysts: LTE, Chinese growth to drive smartphones to 1.24B sales in 2014

Strong growth in LTE smartphones, including TD-LTE phones sold in China, will lead to smartphone sales of 1.24 billion in 2014, according to a forecast from analysts at CCS Insight. However, CCS predicts smartphone growth will slow in the years ahead, largely due to saturation in mature markets.

Samsung expects operating profit to decline in Q1

Samsung Electronics expects its overall operating profit to slip in the first quarter and for sales to be essentially flat year-over-year, an indication that its mighty smartphone engine, especially at the high end of the market, may be slowing.

Analysts: Samsung, Apple keep smartphone grip, but lower-end rivals are nipping

Samsung Electronics and Apple maintained their stranglehold on the global smartphone market in the fourth quarter and for all of 2013, according to multiple research firms, but lower-end rivals are gaining market share at a faster pace. That may mean that over time the market for high-end, high-margin phones will erode, as average selling prices for smartphones worldwide fall.

LG posts record 13.2M smartphone sales in Q4, swings to loss

LG Electronics reported that it shipped a record number of smartphones in the fourth quarter, but the company's mobile unit still posted a loss in the period due to higher marketing expenses and intensified price competition in the market.

Samsung reports flat mobile profits in Q4

Samsung Electronics posted flat profits from its mobile vision in the fourth quarter and a drop in sales from the third quarter, though the company still likely leads the market in terms of handset and smartphone shipments by a sizable margin. However, the South Korean conglomerate also said it plans to slash its marketing spending on mobile relative to revenue, though it declined to say by how much.

Nokia ships 8.2M Lumia smartphones in Q4, a decline from Q3

Nokia's overall handset business reported a drop in sales for the fourth quarter and the company posted weaker smartphones sales in the period than it did in the third quarter, a troubling sign since the holiday season is typically the strongest for smartphone makers. The earnings, which likely will be the last in which Nokia reports handset sales, come just as Microsoft is finalizing a $7.4 billion deal to take over Nokia's devices business and underscore the challenges Microsoft will face as a hardware maker.

Huawei, ZTE have high U.S. handset ambitions, face uphill battle

Chinese handset makers Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo have taken much of the smartphone world by storm. However, they will need to raise their brand awareness even more and get flagship devices sold by U.S. carriers to truly break through, analysts said.

Samsung's shares fall amid concern on Q4 results

Samsung Electronics' shares fell today amid concern among investors about the possibility of weaker-than-expected fourth-quarter results and declining profits in its flagship mobile division.

ZTE creates separate mobile unit, promises to be more efficient

Chinese handset and network gear vendor ZTE is creating a separate mobile devices unit as part of an organizational restructuring aimed at beefing up its presence in smartphones and mobile.