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Latest Headlines

Ericsson to exit wireless-modem market, cut 1,000 jobs

Ericsson is exiting the wireless-modem business and will most likely slash about 1,000 jobs as a result. The decision comes as pricing pressure builds in the stand-alone-modem business and more device makers choose to buy system-on-a-chip solutions with modems married to application processors, which Ericsson does not offer.

Ericsson lifts Japan business with SoftBank Mobile demonstration

Ericsson conducted its first demonstration of a new software feature designed to optimise radio performance and cut signalling traffic in conjunction with Japanese operator SoftBank Mobile.

Ericsson's profit surges in Q2, as vendor points to stronger second half

Ericsson reported strong results for the second quarter, with its sales and profit margins beating analysts' expectations. The Swedish vendor expects a better sales and business mix in the second half of this year and is riding stronger growth in network-capacity projects, which are more profitable than network buildouts.

Ericsson beats analyst predictions with solid Q2 earnings

Ericsson grew net income by 76 per cent year-on-year in the second quarter of 2014, as political unrest that affected sales in some of its Middle East and Africa operations was offset by strong sales in China and India.

Ericsson CEO says AT&T, Verizon unlikely to outsource network management

Despite rumors that Tier 1 operators AT&T and Verizon may be talking to Ericsson about outsourcing the management of their networks, Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg said that is a very unlikely scenario because those operators have size and scale and a history of doing it themselves. "I wouldn't believe they would outsource their networks," Vestberg said during an interview with FierceWireless.

Cisco, Ericsson CEOs claim they always are thinking 5 to 10 years ahead

Cisco CEO John Chambers and Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg may have very different management styles but one area where they are similar is that they claim to always be thinking five to 10 years into the future.

Ericsson CEO: We won't outsource our R&D

ASPEN, Colo.--Do not look for Ericsson to follow its competitor Alcatel-Lucent and outsource any of its research and development. In an interview with  FierceWireless,  Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg called the company's R&D efforts Ericsson's "heart and brain," and he said that he would never outsource the firm's core business.

Ericsson appoints heads of 2 new business units

Ericsson has appointed Arun Bansal as senior vice president and head of the radio business unit, while Anders Lindblad (pictured) is appointed senior vice president and head of the cloud & IP business unit. Both appointments will be effective from July 1.

Ericsson appoints Rima Qureshi to head up strategy

Ericsson has appointed Rima Qureshi as group chief strategy officer with effect from May 1, and said the executive will also drive the company's mergers and acquisitions (M&A) strategy in future.

Ericsson tips its hat to virtualization, splits networks division

Highlighting the growing need for traditional telecom infrastructure providers to develop technology solutions involving virtualization, Ericsson is splitting its former networks division in two, creating one unit targeting just radio and another solely focused on cloud and IP.