Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Nokia to focus marketing more on products and features, less on Lumia brand

BARCELONA, Spain--Nokia plans to shift its marketing for its Lumia line running Microsoft's Windows Phone software this year away from the Windows Phone and Lumia brands and more toward Nokia-specific products and unique features, according to a Nokia executive.

Nokia's Here to compete with Google via Toyota mapping deal

Nokia joined Google Maps as the local search and navigation supplier to Toyota Europe. By early 2014 Toyota will integrate Nokia's vendor-neutral Here mapping platform into cars that the giant manufacturer delivers into Europe, Russia and the Middle East.

Nokia Maps goes head-to-head against Android and iPhone

Nokia is taking the fight to Google and Apple with the launch a new mapping platform rebranded "Here," which it will make available to iPhone and Android users. The mapping and location platform is a cloud-based, platform-agnostic service that aggregates a variety of location-specific services for the user including maps, directions and local deals.