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Mallinson: Mast portfolio sales in Europe- value growth from co-location or financial engineering?

Europe is awash with transactions financing and transferring ownership of physical network infrastructure including mast portfolios from MNOs to independents specialising in operation of these assets,.

Mallinson: eMBB will prevail on path from 4G to 5G while Intel pins its hopes on cloud and IoT

Intel has foundered and is largely withdrawing from smartphones, tablets and 4G: instead, it is cutting its losses somewhat while still gambling on what is hoped to be the next big thing with IoT in 5G. This is a strategic reboot, along with a major corporate restructuring involving 12,000 layoffs, that sidesteps unfulfilled expectations for profitable mobile business operations in the short or medium term.

Mallinson: Brexit referendum affects EC decision on proposed Three/O2 UK merger

The decision on whether or not the proposed merger of O2 and Three in the UK should be allowed has become very political. With the possibility of Brexit following the UK referendum on Jun. 23 and with an imminent European Commission (EC) competition authority decision on the proposed merger of O2 and Three in the UK, a second UK agency is demanding the deal be blocked.

Mallinson: Duct and pole access essential for 1000-times growth with 5G

In recently-published "initial conclusions" to Ofcom's Strategic Review of Digital Communications the UK regulator presented its strategy to "make it easier for competing providers to build their own fibre networks, across as much of the UK as is practicable, by providing them with access to [BT] Openreach's network of underground ducts and telegraph poles." This is important to the development and growth of both fixed and mobile services.

Mallinson: Mobile ecosystem effective and flourishing with smartphones and LTE growth

While plenty of firms have risen and fallen with the rapid ascent of mobile communications over the last 30 years, the markets for products and services have served consumers extremely well. Many factors have caused the enormous growth and success in mobile communications including human desire to communicate pervasively; competition among technologies, manufacturers and operators; extensive innovation; and the means by which this can be shared among suppliers through open and collaborative standards including technology licensing.

Mallinson: How Apple profits overwhelmingly in smartphones

Apple continues to go from strength to strength with stellar profitability because it competes so effectively on several different fronts. Its smartphone industry profit share grew to 94 percent during the September quarter, up from 85 percent one year ago. This is in part due to the fact that Samsung, the only other smartphone maker which has shown decent profitability in recent years, has significantly declined of late. It is also because of Apple's enormous ongoing strengths in trading and competing with other smartphone ecosystem players, including its customers.

Could 5G wireless drive out the need for fixed network operators?

As wireless operators and their vendor partners put their 5G plans in place, the ultimate winners will be consumers and businesses, which could gain a wider range of new speeds and capabilities available regardless of their location.

Mallinson: Net neutrality could cut off new use cases in a 5G world

The FCC's net neutrality rules could undermine what is being proposed for 5G networks by the Next Generation Mobile Network (NGMN) Alliance and others. Who knows how very well 5G might enable development of other innovative new services, business models and pricing packages if it remains unshackled?

Mallinson: Nokia, BlackBerry left behind amid untold disruption of the smartphone revolution

The smartphone revolution has greatly expanded the size of the handset market with global revenues doubling in the last six years, as consumers substitute more expensive smartphones for their feature phones and basic phones. Yet changes have devastated most of the leading incumbent handset vendors.

Mallinson: Facebook pays over-the-top for WhatsApp

Keith Mallinson There is a lot to play for and at stake in mobile communications. It is among the very largest industries with operator revenues of $1.16 trillion (€812.4 billion)...