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Latest Headlines

Deutsche Telekom, Samsung prepare 'disruptive' technology to boost LTE cell edge coverage

Deutsche Telekom said it has taken the first step towards deploying a disruptive technology developed in conjunction with Samsung Electronics that will improve user experience at the cell edge.

Swisscom plots the end of 2G as it moves to launch 5G in 2020

Swisscom said it will launch a 5G network in 2020 as part of a three-step plan designed to enable the operator to meet soaring demand for mobile data.

Bouygues Telecom sees higher profits and sales ahead

Bouygues Telecom remains in a bullish mood about its future as a standalone company, saying that higher sales and cost savings will help boost profitability in the longer term.

HERE moves to pilot LTE-based intelligent transport system

Nokia's HERE navigation business, said it is ready to press ahead with a pilot of a traffic information system based on existing LTE infrastructure, following the successful completion of a small-scale trial of the service.

Sprint's Boost targets tardy customers with 3 GB 'growing data' reward for on-time payments

Sprint's Boost Mobile is taking aim at overdue customers with a new promotion that rewards on-time payments with more data. Under Sprint's new promotion for its Boost prepaid brand, customers can obtain 3 GB of extra data per month after 18 on-time payments.

GM CEO: We plan to capitalize on the connected car opportunity

General Motors CEO Mary Barra said the car maker plans to cash in on the wireless connections the company is building into its cars by expanding car-sharing services, offering more autonomous driving features and providing new services through smartphone apps. In comments to Reuters, Barra said GM aims to "disrupt ourselves" through connected car offerings by creating a relationship between GM and its customers that extends beyond the automobile.

Mapping Tier 1 carriers' LTE spectrum

FierceWireless has partnered with wireless consulting firm Allnet Insights & Analytics to map out exactly how much spectrum each of the four Tier 1 carriers currently has for LTE service.  Special report

In 2015, how much LTE spectrum do Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint have-- and where?

Just as we did last year, FierceWireless has partnered with Allnet Insights & Analytics, a wireless consulting firm, to map out exactly how much spectrum each of the four Tier 1 carriers currently has that they could deploy for LTE service, broken down on a county-by-county basis. According to AllNet President Brian Goemmer, a wireless industry veteran with 20 years of experience, AllNet has developed what it calls "Download Spectrum Depth Maps" to represent the available LTE spectrum for each of the Tier 1 carriers based upon their current LTE deployment configurations.

GSA: Operators increasingly using 2.1 GHz spectrum for LTE

An LTE2100 report by the GSA said 15 operators in 11 countries have commercially launched LTE systems and service using 2.1 GHz spectrum, almost double the number of networks launched compared to one year earlier.

Study: Poor management of Wi-Fi assets could cost operators $18B in lost revenue

Startup XCellAir is trying to drive home the point to carriers that they might want to take a closer look at how they're managing Wi-Fi. According to research released last week, operators collectively could be leaving up to $18 billion on the table by failing to properly manage unregulated spectrum.