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Latest Headlines

Cisco: Mobile data traffic to increase 800% within 5 years

Smart devices, demand for mobile video, the continued growth of 4G networks and an ever-increasing number of wireless users will drive an 800 percent increase in mobile data traffic during the next five years, according to Cisco's latest forecast.

With average speeds of 12.26 Mbps, T-Mobile is closing the LTE gap with Verizon, OpenSignal finds

Verizon still claims the best coverage and fastest speeds among the major carriers' LTE networks, but T-Mobile is hot on its heels in both areas, according to a new report from OpenSignal. AT&T and Sprint aren't far behind in coverage, the network-performance measurement firm said, but their LTE users are tolerating substantially slower download speeds-- particularly compared to users in some foreign markets.

Sprint MVNO Karma reinstates 5 Mbps speeds on Neverstop, but caps it at 15 GB/month

Karma said it will restore network speeds of its Neverstop data service and instead will throttle speeds only when a user's consumption exceeds 15 GB in any particular month.

Moody's: AT&T's new unlimited plans could hinder long-term data revenue growth

AT&T's new unlimited data service plan is likely to attract customers to both its wireless and DirecTV businesses, Moody's analysts said in a research note, but it may also hinder long-term growth of mobile data revenues.

MVNO Karma throttles data speeds of new Sprint-powered Neverstop unlimited data offering

The MVNO Karma is throttling the download speeds of its subscription data plan in an effort to prevent customers from using it as their home Internet service, according to The Verge.

Microsoft is developing an LTE data SIM for Windows 10

Microsoft is testing a cellular data app that will enable Windows 10 devices to access LTE networks without a contract, according to The Verge. The app is available for download in Windows Store, the report notes, but Microsoft has yet to announce it or discuss plans for any service.

Google launches Project Fi support for data-only devices

Google continued its modest expansion into wireless services by rolling out Project Fi support for data-only devices.

Verizon to follow AT&T's lead with sponsored data launch in Q1 of 2016

Verizon is following AT&T's lead and preparing to launch sponsored data offerings early next year that won't count against users' data allotments, Re/code reported.

Holiday promotions heat up: T-Mobile targets AT&T customers, Verizon gives out 2 GB

The carriers' fight to win new customers during the all-important holiday season escalated again this morning with new, dueling promotions from Verizon and T-Mobile.

Google introduces data-saving feature for Chrome on Android

Google this week introduced a feature for its Chrome mobile browser that it claims can reduce data consumption on the web as much as 70 percent. Data Saver, as the feature is dubbed, omits most images when a page is loaded through a slow network connection. Users can tap the screen to display specific images or all of them, reducing load times as well as data charges.