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Latest Headlines

MCX shelves nationwide rollout of CurrentC, cuts 30 jobs as Walmart Pay rolls out in Texas, Arkansas

The Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) said it has shelved plans for a nationwide rollout of its mobile payments offering and will focus on working with banks and others to help grow a market that has yet to get real legs.

Ericsson teams with Trriple for UAE mobile wallet service

Ericsson said it has established a strategic partnership with payment services provider Trriple to provide managed mobile wallet services for the banking and smart city sectors in the United Arab Emirates.

Confirmed: Verizon only major U.S. carrier that is not pre-loading Samsung Pay on Galaxy S7

Verizon is the only major U.S. carrier that is not pre-loading Samsung Pay on new Galaxy S7 phones, Samsung said, confirming earlier reports that the nation's largest operator isn't actively supporting the mobile payments offering.

Report: Samsung closing on Apple in mobile payments, but only 6% of iPhone users access Pay

Samsung Pay has grown faster than Apple Pay since its U.S. launch in September, according to Bloomberg. But mobile payments are still a very long way from seeing mass-market traction.

Adyen: Over a third of global online transactions are now on a mobile device

Adyen's quarterly Mobile Payments Index for the fourth quarter of 2015 revealed that 34 per cent of global browser-based online transactions were conducted on a mobile device, up from 30 per cent in the third quarter of the year.

Gartner: 50% of consumers in mature markets will use smartphones or wearables for mobile payments by 2018

Gartner said mobile payments are gaining acceptance among consumers in North America, Japan and some countries in Western Europe.

Walmart Pay, retailer's new QR code-based payment app, signals 'a further unraveling of MCX'

Walmart joined the mobile payments crowd with an offering that promises to work with all credit, debit and Walmart gift cards in its U.S. stores. Walmart Pay will run on iOS and Android and will launch in some stores this month before being rolled out nationwide during the first half of 2016.

Report: UK remains leading mobile payments market in Q3

Global mobile payments accounted for 30 per cent of all online transactions during the third quarter of 2015 compared to 28.7 per cent of transactions during the second quarter, figures from global payments technology company Adyen show

Samsung Pay beta launches in U.S. as Apple expands mobile payments reach

Samsung Electronics opened up a public beta for its mobile payments service, Samsung Pay, ahead of its wider rollout next month. Meanwhile, Apple is expanding the number of locations that will accept its own mobile payments service, which has a significant head start.

MCX's CurrentC mobile payments system may not launch until 2016 as Samsung Pay muscles in

The Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), which is setting up a mobile payments system called CurrentC to rival Apple Pay, Google's Android Pay and other offerings, said the CurrentC system may not launch until 2016. Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics said its own mobile payments system, Samsung Pay, will launch in South Korea on Aug. 20 and in the U.S. on Sept. 28, adding yet another player to an increasingly crowded and fragmented market.