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Latest Headlines

Mallinson: Germany's spectrum auction shows how monopoly power can be exploited- and hurt operators

Spectrum is too valuable to be given away. However; a more sophisticated array of operations obligations and commitments could encourage more capital to be invested in improving mobile networks and services, and making them cheaper, rather than simply siphoning off as much money as possible from operators in auction proceeds for governments to spend on other programmes outside telecommunications.

Operators can spend tons on marketing, but even satisfied customers can still leave

Operators know in their hearts that both existing and potential subscribers probably hate them, because customers invariably find something to grumble about when it comes to any kind of supplier. Mobile phone users watch heart-warming TV campaigns with a cynical sneer and remain convinced that the operator is just out to get them--or at least a sizeable part of their wallet.

UK government puts pressure on operators to lower mobile bills

Bosses of the UKs four mobile network operators were summoned to meet Prime Minister David Cameron this week as the UK coalition government attempts to prove it is making efforts to bring down the cost of living amid soaring energy prices.

Vodafone UK fails to reach 3G target

Vodafone UK was raked over the coals by regulator Ofcom this week for being the only one of the country's four mobile network operators to miss its coverage obligations by the end of June.

EE and O2 widen UK LTE battle to pay-as-you-go market

Announcements on LTE tariffs and promotions as well as network coverage are coming fast and furious from UK operators, with both EE and Telefónica-owned O2 UK saying they have now launched pay-as-you-go tariffs to LTE customers.

UK's EE rides high on LTE demand

UK operator EE added almost half a million LTE customers in the third quarter and said it was able to boost data revenue and its contract customer base compared to the previous year.

EE slashes LTE prices, warns on capex cuts

EE has upped the pressure on rivals in the UK LTE market by introducing a raft of measures including cheaper LTE tariffs, new pay-as-you-go LTE tariffs and plans to offer a "converged" bundle of LTE and home broadband services.

LTE pricing: Finding a sweet spot

While pricing can never be low enough from a consumer perspective, the ongoing quest for operators as they roll out LTE networks across Europe is to find a balance between competiveness and the ability to fund future investments.

It's summertime, and the living in Europe's telecoms industry has not been easy

This summer, the telecoms sector has been buzzing with a number of events that are set to change our industry in fundamental ways. For those of you coming back from holiday, you've certainly missed a lot! Stay tuned.

EE crosses 100 cities covered with LTE, as rivals get on their marks

EE revealed a number of new LTE milestones on Wednesday, as the UK operator tried to steal some of the thunder from rivals Vodafone UK and Telefónica's O2 UK ahead of their respective LTE network launches on Thursday.