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Latest Headlines

The changing nature of 'universal' comms services

UK regulator Ofcom has just tackled the issue of what is now deemed essential by consumers in a new report on the affordability of these essential communications services. Its findings showed a broad consensus on which services are seen as the most essential, which are voice services in general but mobile services in particular (voice and text) and access to the internet, particularly the fixed internet.

Customer service still has a long way to go, as personal experience shows

Every event I go to and every conversation I have with operators tends to at some point touch on how operators are putting the customer first and how customer experience is at the forefront of everything they do. But time and time again, this still fails to be reflected in how they treat their customers when it comes down to the personal contact level.

BT Openreach faces Ofcom mandate to accelerate repair, installation times

UK regulator Ofcom has put new rules in place that will force Openreach, the operator of BT's last mile network, to enhance the speed in which it conducts line repairs and service installations for consumers and its wholesale customers, reports  ZDNet.

Report: UK leads in EU on broadband coverage and take-up

The UK has the highest take-up and coverage of superfast broadband among leading European countries, Ofcom's latest European Broadband Scorecard has revealed.

David Cameron backs 5G development efforts; pumps funds into 'Internet of Things'

At the opening of the CeBIT trade fair in Germany, UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced fresh efforts on 5G research and pledged to pump millions of pounds into the Internet of Things (IoT).

Report: Lack of standards in 'second screen' market could raise barriers to entry

The second screen space is only a few years old, but the field is developing fast as ownership of smartphones and tablets rises. The lack of standardisation could provide a barrier to entry, however, and regulatory intervention could be required.

Vodafone avoids fine on 3G coverage obligations

Vodafone has narrowly avoided being fined by UK regulator Ofcom after the operator finally met coverage obligations for 3G services that should have been in place by the end of June 2013.

Ofcom talks up mobile price falls following criticism of plan to hike 2G spectrum fees

Ofcom said the average cost of communications has fallen during its 10-year tenure as the UK telecoms regulator, in what could be read as an attempt to rebuff fierce criticism by mobile operators over a proposed hike in spectrum costs they say could be passed on to consumers.

BT dedicates $82.5M to bring fiber broadband to 400,000 more locations

BT is so bullish on fiber-based broadband that it plans to spend $82.5 million to make the service available to 400,000 additional premises in more than 30 cities over the next three years.

UK operators face 'one-off tax of £4.5B' under Ofcom 2G spectrum fee plans

Plans by Ofcom to implement a possible fivefold increase in the fees that UK operators pay to use 900 MHz and 1800 MHz spectrum for 2G, 3G and now LTE services have come in for harsh criticism by one analyst company, which said the proposed charges would effectively impose a one-off tax of £4.5bn on the industry over 20 years.