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Latest Headlines

Kudelski's OpenTV files another patent infringement suit, this one against struggling Yahoo

The Kudelski Group has filed a counter patent infringement lawsuit against Yahoo through its OpenTV Inc. subsidiary, alleging the foundering search and Internet media giant has improperly treaded on 10 patents through its Yahoo Smart TV, Yahoo Connected TV, Yahoo TV, Yahoo fantasy gaming businesses and the defunct Yahoo Screen.

Apple loses $120 million ruling against Samsung as patent battle drags on

Samsung scored a victory in its long-running patent battle with Apple as a U.S. appeals court overturned a $120 million jury verdict against Samsung related to Apple's patent-infringement claims against the company.

Verizon sued for patent infringement by Kudelski

European technology company The Kudelski Group announced that it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Verizon Communications and its AOL subsidiary.

Cox ups patent battle with AT&T, claims three infringements

A patent battle between Cox Communications and AT&T has escalated, with the cable company this time suing the wireless giant for alleged infringement of three registered patents.

Coriant settles optical patent dispute with Cheetah

Coriant has resolved a patent dispute related to a Tellabs lawsuit with intellectual property owner Cheetah Omni that was pending in the Eastern District of Texas.

AT&T accuses Cox of making 'billions' off infringed patents

AT&T is suing Cox Communications, claiming the cable operator has infringed on a wide range of patents covering technologies relating to everything from digital video recorders to IP voice service to broadband.

AT&T's Aio: T-Mobile's magenta patent infringement ruling won't impact advertising plans

A federal court ruled that Aio Wireless' use of the color magenta in its marketing and branding efforts infringes upon T-Mobile US' patent on the color. However, Aio said the court's decision won't impact the company because it isn't using that color anymore in its marketing.

BT held liable for infringing on ASSIA's DSL patents

London's High Court of Justice has ruled that BT infringed on one of two DSL management technology patents held by ASSIA, a provider of software solutions that enable telcos to increase the rate and reach of broadband services they deliver over their existing copper networks.

XO settles patent dispute with Acacia Research subsidiary

Patent management firm Acacia Research Corporation said its subsidiary, Brilliant Optical Solutions, settled an ongoing patent dispute with XO Communications and signed a licensing agreement with the fiber network provider.

Mallinson: European Commission shouldn't change approach to standards-essential patents

Changing rules of the game for standards-essential patents licensing would be a major step and, given the success of the mobile communications market, completely unwarranted. It would significantly affect the relative competitive positions of many market players.