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Latest Headlines

Mallinson: Licensing mobile technology will become even more essential

Dramatic structural changes in mobile communications technology supply, with the demise of vertical integration, is forcing those who are developing standard-essential technologies for 4G and "5G" networks to monetise these efforts through patent licensing, as well as their own product sales.

Mallinson: European Commission shouldn't change approach to standards-essential patents

Changing rules of the game for standards-essential patents licensing would be a major step and, given the success of the mobile communications market, completely unwarranted. It would significantly affect the relative competitive positions of many market players.

Mallinson: No signs of collateral damage in smartphone patent wars

No market is more successful, and yet also based on standards-essential patents and other patented technologies, than that for these smart devices. You'll find no evidence of stifled innovation or market blocking in smart devices under the Christmas tree this year.

Apple, Samsung legal battle comes under EU spotlight

Top officials from the European Union's antitrust unit have launched an investigation into the legal arguments Samsung is using to stop Apple from selling its products. The disputes between the two

Nokia expands patent-infringement feud with Apple

The legal tussle between Nokia and Apple is escalating. Nokia (NYSE: NOK) has filed a lawsuit against Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) for patent infringement, arguing that the company's iPhone and iPad products

Nortel's LTE patents generating big interest

As Nortel Networks mulls what to do with its valuable LTE intellectual property, the vultures are beginning to circle. Nortel, which filed for bankruptcy last year and subsequently sold off its