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Latest Headlines

Why satellite 2.0 ventures can succeed where earlier versions failed

The satellite communications industry has a storied history of broken promises and multiple bankruptcies, and isn't exactly one that stands out as an attractive investment. However, newer satellite ventures may succeed where their earlier cousins failed.

Iridium joins Globalstar in pursuing consumers with satellite Wi-Fi

Satellite firm Iridium is launching a mobile hotspot called Go that creates a satellite-backed Wi-Fi zone and can work anywhere around the globe. Iridium's announcement comes hot on the heels of a similar one last week from rival Globalstar, which unveiled Sat-Fi, a new voice and data service that enables customers to connect their Wi-Fi enabled smartphones, tablets and laptops to Globalstar's satellite network when they are outside of cellular coverage.

EchoStar buys struggling MSS operator Solaris Mobile

EchoStar said it acquired full ownership of Dublin-based mobile satellite services operator Solaris Mobile from former parents Eutelsat and SES and will take over Solaris Mobile's one S-band payload currently in orbit. No financial details were provided for the deal.

Gogo to launch new in-flight Wi-Fi service in 2014 with promise of 60 Mbps speeds

Gogo said it will launch a new hybrid satellite/cellular-based Wi-Fi service next year that it claims can deliver peak speeds of up to 60 Mbps, more than six times faster than its current peak performance.

Will LTE be threatened by new satellite broadband offers?

Eutelsat launched consumer packages offering download speeds up to 20 Mbps with upload rates of 4 Mbps to 6 Mbps, which it claims is the fastest satellite packages available in Europe. Could this be a threat to LTE?

Dish Network's dishNET broadband readies nationwide push

Starting next Monday, satellite TV operator Dish Network will expand availability of its dishNET broadband satellite Internet service nationwide.

Dish urges FCC not to shift its satellite spectrum holdings

Dish Network is urging the FCC not to shift its spectrum holdings in the 2 GHz band and to approve rules for using satellite spectrum in terrestrial settings, according to an FCC filing.

Report: Dish to launch its own satellite broadband network

Dish Network will soon launch a proprietary, nationwide satellite broadband network, according to multiple reports, the latest indication that the company is keen to expand its service offerings.

Iridium's Matt Desch details the satellite firm's future

Iridium launched service Nov. 1, 1998 and plunged into bankruptcy nine months later. Its mission to deliver satellite-phone service to globe-trotting executives and consumers was destroyed by

Dish CEO: We plan to have 'significant role' in wireless industry

Dish Network intends to make a mobile broadband play with its recently acquired S-Band satellite spectrum, the company's CEO said, though it remains unclear what kind of wireless offering the