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Latest Headlines

Microsoft names Nokia's Elop as EVP of devices, amid executive changes ahead of Build conference

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella named Nokia executive Stephen Elop as the head of Microsoft's devices division as part of a restructuring of Microsoft's executive team. The changes come just ahead of Microsoft's Build developer conference, which it will kick off Wednesday in San Francisco.

Microsoft's Nadella puts focus on mobile and cloud, but Nokia plans remain elusive

With Satya Nadella now officially Microsoft's new CEO, the tech world is now looking intently at his plans for the company, especially for how it will tackle the mobile market. At the same time, Nadella and the wider Microsoft organization will need to figure out what roles internal candidates who were passed over for the CEO spot will play in the Nadella era.

Nadella named Microsoft CEO, as Elop gets snubbed

As had been expected, Microsoft named Satya Nadella as its third CEO. Nadella will take the place of the outgoing Steve Ballmer, who announced last year he would retire. In naming a 22-year Microsoft veteran as CEO, the company's board chose an insider who was considered a safe choice at a time when the company is being buffeted by challenges on the mobile front and is integrating Nokia's handset business.

Nokia shareholders reportedly approve $7.35B deal with Microsoft

Nokia shareholders approved the $7.35 billion sale of the company's devices and services unit to partner Microsoft, according to multiple reports.

Report: Nokia sold 8M Lumias in Q3

Nokia sold at least 8 million Lumia Windows Phone smartphones in the third quarter, up from 7.4 million in the second quarter and far more than the 2.9 million it sold in the year-ago period, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Second chances, and missed opportunities

Missed opportunities for some as well as second chances for others have dominated the headlines this week, highlighting the often fickle and sometimes surprising industry we all work in.

Former Nokia Chairman: Elop was not first choice for CEO

Former Nokia CEO and Chairman Jorma Ollila said that he made mistakes during his tenure as the company slipped behind faster rivals in the smartphone market. However, he also said that Stephen Elop was not his first choice to become Nokia's CEO in late 2010 and that the work Nokia has done under Elop has not been enough to turn around the company's mobile phone business.

Microsoft's Ballmer bids adieu as rumors continue to swirl about his successor

Outgoing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer held his final meeting with employees on Thursday, in what was reportedly a highly emotional event for the executive, who is stepping down after three decades with the company. Meanwhile, rumors continue to circulate about Ballmer's potential successors.

Rumor Mill: Nokia will unveil 6 new devices at Oct. 22 event

Nokia will use its Oct. 22 Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi to announce at least six new devices, including at least two new Lumia smartphones running Microsoft's Windows Phone software, according to a  The Verge  report.

Report: Elop refuses to cut €18.8M Nokia payout because of impending divorce

The plan to pay former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop a termination fee of €18.8 million ($25.4 million) has caused outrage in Finland, but the situation has taken a new turn of late, with Nokia confessing it gave misleading information about Elop's payout and reports emerging that Elop pushed back against attempts to reduce the award because he is getting divorced.