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Latest Headlines

Deutsche Telekom CEO details the key role of 5G in digital future

Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Höttges declared that 5G is the industry's answer to future demands for network connectivity, and hit out at rivals' criticism regarding the operator's domestic broadband business.

Tele2 to build LoRa IoT network in Greater Gothenburg

Tele2 said it planned to build a network based on the Long Range (LoRa) standard in Greater Gothenburg to connect low power devices as part of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Orange joins the LoRa Alliance

Orange said it has become a board member of the LoRa Alliance, further aligning itself with the LoRaWAN standard for future Internet of Things (IoT) networks.

Orange takes part in EU-funded drones-and-sensors project in Antwerp

Orange is participating in an EU-funded Belgian drones-and-sensors project that it and partners iMinds and Rombit claim will "significantly optimise" the operations of Antwerp and its port.

Huawei report ranks London, Bristol as top smart cities in UK

A new report commissioned by Huawei said that London and Bristol are ahead of the curve when it comes to smart city innovation, ranking them as the top two cities in its UK Smart Cities Index.

IoT disruption hard to pin down due to the sheer scale of the current and future market

The Internet of Things may be a headline-grabbing topic, but it is also challenging in terms of assessing which companies and technologies are causing disruption to established markets. Industries including cellular, automotive, hardware and software are all touched by IoT, and that's before you consider the growing range of technologies being touted as potential means of providing the actual connections themselves.

Tracking IoT disruptors from Telefónica to Zipcar: providers large and small line up for the challenge

The term 'Internet of Things' has become so broad that tracking the pace of development of such technologies-- spanning industries from cellular to automotive, to hardware and software-- is a challenge. For example, while FierceWireless:Europe set out with the seemingly simple remit of identifying the top disruptors in the IoT sector today, the responses we received from three leading analysts highlighted that compiling such a list does not do justice to the work being conducted by myriad companies developing IoT products and services.

Vodafone to launch NB-IoT in 'multiple markets' in 2017

Vodafone said it plans to launch narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) in "multiple markets" in 2017, and called on the industry to focus on trials that would enable customers to quickly add the technology to their products.

BMW outlines digitisation challenges for a connected future

BMW highlighted the "dramatic" changes it will need to make in the coming 10 years if it is to maintain its position in a car industry that is undergoing considerable upheaval through the arrival of electric vehicles, in-car connectivity and driverless cars.

Report: Contactless payments on Visa Europe cards hit 3B in 12 months

Visa Europe revealed that 3 billion contactless transactions were made across Europe on Visa cards and payment-enabled devices in the year to Apr.30.