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Join FierceWireless Executive Editor, Mike Dano, and this panel of industry experts as they delve into the market segments where IoT technologies are blossoming now, and explore where the next opportunities may lie.

The Internet of Things has grown into the technology sector’s latest hot topic. Indeed, some industry experts believe the Internet of Things could grow into a bigger opportunity than the existing Internet. And it’s no surprise there is fire around this idea: The Internet of Things could allow commonplace objects like cars, appliances, phones, watches and other items to connect directly to each other to make business and life more efficient, safe and convenient.

There are already a large and growing number of companies targeted directly at the intersection of the Internet and things. But how exactly should these companies position themselves in this space to maximize profit? More importantly, which sectors in the IoT sphere will ripen first? Already home automation companies have proven the value of smart devices like thermostats and light bulbs, while retailers have begun experimenting with proximity-based alerts. And some industrial firms are testing the efficiencies they can glean from connecting their business processes and products. So where should IoT players focus their energies?

FierceWireless executive breakfasts provide attendees with a unique opportunity to hear an insider perspective in an uncensored environment, while enjoying high-level networking.

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Las Vegas, NV 89109
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Smart Rate, through July 21, 2014:
 $89* for one breakfast or $160* for the two breakfast series
Regular Rate, after July 21, 2014: $99* for one breakfast or $180* for the two breakfast series

* When added to any existing Super Mobility Week 2014 pass type

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