At Mobile World Congress 2013, Editor-in-Chief Sue Marek sat down with a slate of experts to discuss the challenge of turning auto manufacturers’ connected car visions into reality, and how to make them profitable for the entire ecosystem.

As 4G networks have become more prevalent, consumers have been enamored with the idea of having a vehicle that not only provides transportation, but also functions as a communications device, providing “infotainment” services, navigation and traffic information, diagnostic services, and more.

Key topics that were covered included:

  • Business Case: Who will pay for these services? Consumers? Wireless Operators?
  • Embedded vs. synching: Which model makes the most sense for consumers and car-makers? Is the price of the embedded module hindering the progress of the connected car?
  • Driver distraction: Despite education, many regulators are still concerned that infotainment services could be a huge distraction for drivers. What is being done to overcome this obstacle?
  • Lifecycle management: There are vast differences in the lifecycle of a car and the lifecycle of a wireless network technology. How can this difference be managed?

A video recording of the discussion is now available. Click here to purchase.