KT and Samsung Electronics are launching a pilot Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT, CAT-NB1) service targeting friendly users in Seoul and the surrounding…

T-Mobile US has started its first network deployments of LTE-U.


Intel is collaborating with Carnegie Mellon University on a $4.125 million research program designed to increase their understanding of visual cloud…

Comcast appears to be going all in with the LoRaWAN standard for the internet of things, formally joining the LoRa Alliance as a sponsor member.

The Linux Foundation announced the launch of EdgeX Foundry, an open source software project to build a common framework for Internet of Things edge computing.

Microsoft launched an offering designed to help companies tap the internet of things.

The FCC moved forward with plans to make it easier for wireless carriers and their partners to deploy small cells in municipalities across the country.

Plenty of trials are underway for driverless cars even before 5G arrives, but when will autonomous cars be a commonplace occurrence?