It’s no secret that the global transportation industry is in the midst of some major changes. In this mix sits the idea of V2X, or vehicle-to-everything.

Mapping company HERE could potentially leverage its market position and technology to allow data sharing among carmakers and others.

AT&T said it will deploy its nationwide LTE-M network ahead of schedule, bumping the launch up to the second quarter of 2017.

Ericsson introduced Ericsson Security Manager, which automates the protection of assets across multiple ICT domains and detects threats and vulnerabilities…

Vendors continue to bring new smartwatches to market, but it still isn't clear how much demand exists for the wearables.

Inmarsat is touting its LoRaWAN-based network, developed in partnership with Actility, and how it’s delivering IoT to every corner of the globe.

During its event in San Francisco on Wednesday, AT&T laid out what it’s doing to make the Internet of Things more secure.

Ingenu announced the availability of its Machine Network in the greater San Diego metropolitan area.