Facebook is using data it created to map the planet’s entire human population to help it determine what types of internet service it should use to reach the…

Verizon and AT&T are using drones to help in recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

The IoT is creating opportunities as it helps to provide safe drinking water in emerging markets and minimize water losses in more mature markets.

General Electric is hoping to recapture its lost momentum in the Internet of Things market by sharpening its focus on Predix.

The smartwatch market has fallen short of expectations, but Gartner predicts the segment will see significant growth over the next few years.

To address the need for a comprehensive cybersecurity approach, ATIS has proposed an end-to-end security framework.

The 5G Mobile Network Architecture research project will implement two 5G use cases in real-world test beds.

Wanshi Chen was elected as chair of the 3GPP RAN Working Group 1 this week at a 3GPP meeting in Prague, Czech Republic.