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4G Americas Offers Recommendations on 5G Requirements and Solutions

Webinar | Tuesday, November 4th | 1pm ET / 10am PT | Presented by: 4G Americas

Join the discussion as 4G Americas sets the course for 5G based on conclusions in a recently published white paper by the association and its members. Reserve Your Spot Today!

Time to brush up. Digital advertising is changing fast.

Webinar | Tuesday, November 11, 2014 | 2pm ET / 11am PT | Presented By: Equifax

Think you know digital advertising? Think again. Catch up on what's new in this must-attend webinar led by Equifax digital analytics expert, Paul Bell. Register Today!

Increasing Profitability through Advanced Retention Strategies

Webinar | Wednesday, November 12, 2014 | 11am ET / 8am PT | Presented by: Pega Systems

Learn how many of the world's leading CSPs are dramatically increasing their profitability through the use of advanced customer retention techniques. Register today!

Network Modernization and RF Conditioning

Webinar | Thursday, November 6, 2014 | 2pm ET/ 11am PT | Presented By: CommScope

At the current state of mobile networks, operators need to aggressively pursue multiple avenues to respond to rising demand for speed and throughput. This webinar will discuss how to update and add capacity to existing sites using tower mounted amplifiers, multi-band and same band combiners, interference mitigation filters, and ultra wideband antennas. Register Today!

Next-Generation Program Guides and User Interfaces

Webinar | Thursday, December 11th | 2pm ET / 11am PT | Sponsored by: Rovi

This webinar will look at how pay-TV operators are responding to this challenge, with innovative program guides and interfaces that maximize the viewing experience for their subscribers. Reserve Your Spot Today!

An Insight into the Wifi-Offload Technology and Lab Testing Solutions

Webinar | Now available on-demand | SPONSORED BY: Anritsu

Webinar participants will receive a global technical overview of Wi-Fi offload and how to develop and test devices to ensure they work properly with future operator network Wi-Fi/cellular ecosystem. Register to watch now!

LTE MTC: Optimizing LTE Advanced for the Internet of Everything

Webinar | NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND | Presented By: Qualcomm

Tune-in to this webinar to learn more about these forthcoming LTE Advanced optimizations that will deliver 4G LTE carrier-grade connectivity to smart machines with increased energy efficiency, lower complexity/cost, and enhanced coverage (e.g., in-building penetration). Register to watch now!

Cable VoIP 2.0 - Delivered and Managed in The Cloud

Webinar | NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND | Presented By: Alianza

This webinar reviews current voice market trends, challenges, and opportunities, and explains how cable providers can accelerate innovation and enhance product margins by leveraging the next-generation VoIP solution in the cloud. Register to watch now!

Customer Care 2.0: Is your self-care working hard enough?

Webinar | Wednesday, October 8, 2014 | 11 am ET / 8 am PT | Presented by: WDS

Did you know that almost 30% of customers using online self-care tools are unable to get the support they need? Or that up to 20% of call volume in today's contact centers is actually "fall-back" traffic following a failed self-care interaction? Digital self-care channels have become a staple in the modern customer care mix. But are they working hard enough? Register Today!

G.Fast - Where We Are and the Road Ahead

Webinar | NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND | Presented by: Adtran

During this webinar, we will explore the current state of G.Fast, what has been accomplished and where things are headed. We will explore the standard timeline, solution readiness and technology roadmap for this game-changing technology. This will be a presentation you don't want to miss. Register to watch now!

CSPs Using Predictive Analytics to Solve Some of Their Biggest Problems

Webinar | Now Available On Demand | Presented by: Agilis International

Learn how some of the more forward-thinking CSPs are using predictive analytics to up-sell services, increase ARPU and eliminate fraud and risk. Register to watch now!

Solving the Challenge of Testing on Real Devices from the Jenkins Continuous Integration Tool

Webinar | NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND | Presented By: Keynote

In this webcast, you'll get an in-depth demonstration of how to test your mobile app or website on real mobile devices, all without leaving your existing Jenkins software. Learn how to test at the speed of mobile. Register to watch now!

Making the Network Efficient Through Traffic Management

Webinar | NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND | Sponsored by: F5 Networks

Wireless networks are becoming increasingly complex and operators must manage different network protocols, network topologies and traffic patterns in order to make sure the network is operating at an optimal level. If the network is not managed carefully, it could result in poor performance and faulty coverage causing consumers to switch wireless providers. This webinar will look at the various tools and techniques operators may use to improve their network performance and stay competitive. Register to Watch Now!

Maximize The Value of Your Organization's Media Assets

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Presented by: Kaltura and Akamai

Join this webinar to learn from Oracle's Director of Media Technology Solutions about the value of consolidating asset storage, hosting, and management to provide access and drive discovery and reuse of valuable media assets across multiple platforms and applications - from webcasting to digital signage to corporate tubes and portals. Register to Watch Today!

The New Reality: LTE Solutions for Fixed Applications

Webinar | NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND | Presented by: Telrad Networks

Trends show that fixed wireless operators seek to benefit from LTE capacity and standards momentum. However, most LTE solutions remain mobile-centric, neglecting the requirements of fixed networks, like simplified cores, Layer 2 services, etc. This Webinar will explore how operators, municipalities, utilities and others can leverage LTE in a seamless migration and what it means for them and their customers — today and tomorrow. Register to watch now!

Fiber to the Antenna (FTTA) systems - Key attributes and selection criteria

Webinar | NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND | Presented By: CommScope

We'll highlight key factors that should be considered when planning an FTTA system and go through a specific site example. Register to watch now!

Comprehensive Identity: A window into customer opportunity and risk

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Sponsored by: Equifax

In this exclusive Equifax webinar, Communication Service Providers will learn how to help spot risk and opportunity with "Comprehensive Identity"-the concept of building and linking all possible sources of identity to create a wider view of consumers and businesses for detailed segmentation of identity risk. Register today to watch now!

Consumerization and the CIO

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Sponsored by: PGi

From devices to services to apps, end users have a lot of choices - and those choices are bleeding into enterprise IT faster than ever. How do these changes affect IT strategy, budget and infrastructure? Register to watch now!

LTE Broadcast - Evolving and going beyond mobile


Tune-in to this webinar to learn more about Qualcomm's perspective on the various aspects of the evolution, and how our offerings enable operators to offer LTE Broadcast services today. Register to watch now!

Target Field's All-Star Wireless Coverage and Capacity

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Presented by: TE Connectivity

In mid-July, Minneapolis' Target Field will host baseball's All-Star Game. Since the stadium opened in April 2010, Target Field has relied on a flexible distributed antenna system (DAS) to maintain strong and consistent wireless services within the facility. During this FastCast, you will hear the steps taken by Target Field to ensure a world-class fan experience by expanding their wireless coverage and capacity throughout the stadium. You will learn why a flexible, scalable DAS is critical to Target Field and what was done to prepare for this major sporting event. Register for this webinar today!

Developing for the Internet of Things: Challenges and Opportunities

Webinar | Now available on-demand | Sponsored by: Kony

Cisco estimates that 50 billion devices and objects will be connected to the Internet by 2020. Will there be a role for developers in this area? And if so, how can developers position themselves in the months ahead on this nascent but potentially explosive opportunity? Register to watch now!

Equipping an Increasingly Mobile Workforce

Webinar | Now available on-demand | Sponsored By: PGi

A recent survey revealed that enterprises in the United Kingdom are adopting "Choose Your Own Device" strategies twice as often at "Bring Your Own Device" strategies. This webinar will take a closer look at the business case for CYOD and considerations in implementing such a policy. Register Today!

Driving revenue from multiscreen opportunities

Webinar | Now Available On Demand | Sponsored by: Clearleap

Smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and other IP-connected devices are revolutionizing the way content providers, distributors and advertisers reach viewers. While multiscreen devices promise to increase viewer engagement and social interaction, the strategies for making money from these other screens are still evolving. This webinar will look at a variety of multiscreen strategies that are currently being used by pay-TV providers. Register to watch now!

Inside NFV - Why is virtualization important?

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Sponsored by: F5 Networks

Vendors claim that the wireless industry is about to go through a major change as operators simplify and scale their networks by separating hardware and software functionality and using virtualization to improve network management in the software layer. This webinar will look at the latest developments in NFV and what it means to operators and vendors. Register today!

How to build a profitable metro-regional network

Webinar | Now Available On Demand | Sponsored by: Ciena

In this webinar we'll look at how service providers can craft retail business service offerings and revenue opportunities for specific verticals like education and health care. And we'll talk about the demand for Ethernet and optical services. Register to watch now!

Making the Move to Gigabit Services - What You Need to Know for a Successful Transition


This webinar will explore how to make a successful transition to Gigabit services. We will explore topics including market drivers for and FTTdp architectures, the value proposition, how to make FTTdp part of your FTTH Gigabit services toolkit, we will also explore other elements needed to complete your Gigabit toolkit. Register to watch now!

Video Analytics Strategies for Monetizing the Video Experience

Webinar | NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND | Sponsored by: IneoQuest

As consumers have more ways to watch video than ever before, video providers are looking at new business strategies for monetizing their video services, to reduce churn, increase subscriber base, reduce capital and operational expenditure and optimize investments. This webinar will provide an overview of how providers can monetize their video services through video analytics strategies. Register to watch now!

Self-optimizing networks deliver the new customer experience

Webinar | NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND | Presented by: Amdocs

In this presentation, the speakers will discuss the strategic move towards automation, the impact of current and future self-optimizing network (SON) use cases on the customer experience, and identify key differentiators among the leading SON providers. Register to Watch Now!