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SDN: Cutting Through the Complexity

Whitepaper | Sponsored by: Huawei and Nuage Networks

The hype phase of SDN is over and reality is now setting in as operators start to assess both SDN's potential as a key enabler to transform their networks into nimble cost effective platforms, and the tremendous effort it will actually take to implement it. Download today and learn why CSPs need a smart virtualization strategy and why the right partners are essential.

The SDN Transformation

Whitepaper | SPONSORED BY: Coriant

This white paper explores how SDN-based solutions can transform today's rigid transport infrastructure into a highly programmable network, one that is just as flexible, efficient and seamlessly scalable as data-center computing and storage resources. Download Today!

Increasing LTE Revenues: Top 10 Innovations and Operator Examples

Whitepaper | Sponsored by: Openet

Download this guidebook to learn about 10 leading service innovations to increase LTE revenue, examples and results from multipe operators worldwide and key BSS requirements to enable these services and reduce time to market. Download Today.

Ensuring Interoperability in Internet of Things (IoT)

Whitepaper | SPONSORED BY: Aricent

Click here to download a whitepaper that discusses the various opportunities in the Internet of things. The paper also provides insights into why interoperability is a challenge in the IoT ecosystem and how that challenge can be addressed.

LTE-Advanced: Implementing Carrier Aggregation (CA) for maximizing bandwidth

Whitepaper | SPONSORED BY: Aricent

Click here to download a whitepaper that provides exhaustive insights into Carrier Aggregation as a technology. The paper discusses the various types of carrier aggregation and the concept of Cross-Carrier Scheduling.

Demystifying Routing Services in Software-Defined Networking

Whitepaper | SPONSORED BY: Aricent

Click here to download a whitepaper that provides exhaustive insights into the potential use cases for the Routing Service application in an SDN environment. It also discusses the network topologies for deployment in OpenFlow and non-OpenFlow networks.

Cashing in on Big Data

Whitepaper | Sponsored by: Hybris Software

The telco who can anticipate, and meet, their customers critical needs, will win more business, more customer loyalty - and more competitive advantage. Download Whitepaper "Cashing in on Big Data" to learn how.

Network Inventory Reconciliation Redefined

Whitepaper | SPONSORED BY: Aricent

This paper shares Aricent's workable solution - based on our experience with leading service providers - for addressing such challenges. The CSPs that wish to introduce LTE, Carrier WiFi/HetNet and SDN/NFV services can leverage this solution to automate network inventory reconciliation. Download Today!

Just-In-Time (JIT) Testing in the Virtual Network

Whitepaper | SPONSORED BY: Aricent

This paper attempts to demonstrate how Agile JIT testing has become an integral part of service providers' new product/service introduction process, how it creates value for the client and how it helps reduce cost and time to market. Download Today!

Benchmarking the Test Process

Whitepaper | SPONSORED BY: Aricent

This whitepaper assesses how Aricent's KPI framework can be leveraged to bolster the effectiveness of test assets by benchmarking the test processes for carriers, which would result in significant OpEx savings and improved quality. Download Today!