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Accelerating the Transformation to Virtual Network Services

Whitepaper | Presented by: F5

The pace of innovation in services delivery infrastructures is accelerating under the influence of advances in automation and cloud-based designs employed by web-scale application and content providers. Download this whitepaper to learn how to meet this accelerated pace in your growing portfolio demands.

7 Steps to Data Blending for Predictive Analytics

Whitepaper | Sponsored by: alteryx

Learn how data blending in Alteryx can help you access, cleanse, and join disparate data sources without coding or outside intervention and reduce data preparation time, leaving more time for building predictive models and much more. Download today!

The Definitive Guide to Data Blending

Whitepaper | Sponsored by: Alteryx

Download The Definitive Guide to Data Blending to understand how analysts are empowered through data blending and gain deeper business insights in hours, not the weeks typical of traditional approaches. Download this whitepaper today!

Operator Survey on the Move to Digital

Whitepaper | Presented: Openet

Openet surveyed 101 operators on the changes that new digital services and channels are driving in the mobile market. The results show a clear direction of what operators want to do to bridge the gap between traditional telecom services and digital. Download this whitepaper today to see the results!

7 Questions You Must Answer to Deliver Live-to-VOD Services

Whitepaper | Sponsored by: Vantrix

Read this concise eBook to quickly learn which technologies are critical for profitable live-to-VOD multiscreen implementations, and how TV operators can reduce costs and increase flexibility by changing the way they deliver the innovative live-to-VOD features that today’s subscribers love. Download today!

Infographic | Network Architecture

Whitepaper | Presented by: Cisco

Are you thinking about your next transition in network architecture? Download this infographic to find out more!

Carrier SDN: Service Provider Per-spectives, Transition Strategies & Use Cases 2014

Whitepaper | Presented by: Cisco

This report continues the time-tested Heavy Reading multi-client research methodology of combining a Web survey of service pro-vider executives with one-on-one, in-depth interviews with leading SDN adopters. Download today!

Running Out of Bandwidth? Take a Fresh Look at 100G

Whitepaper | Presented by: Cisco

100G technology is being used in products, ranging from data center to core routing to DWDM, and the optical use cases can be particularly compelling. No matter where you are in the technology life cycle, 100G deserves a fresh look. Download this whitepaper today!

Driving Customer Loyalty through Network & Service Quality

Whitepaper | Presented by: IBM

Read this whitepaper to look at why network service quality matters to customer loyalty and CSP attitudes to improve it and discover how CSPs can correlate customer loyalty indicators like Net Promoter Scores with network and service quality metrics to help drive better business and operational performance. Download today!

Creating Smarter Campaigns with the IBM Advanced Analytics Platform

Whitepaper | Presented by: IBM

Communications service providers have much to gain from deploying big data analytics capabilities that enable smarter campaigns. IBM Advanced Analytics platform, based on the IBM Big Data and Analytics portfolio, provides a complete set of solutions. Download today!