eBook: Making 4G Profitable & Successful

With the industry migrating rapidly to LTE, the question is no longer about which 4G technology (LTE, HSPA+ or WiMAX) will reign but about how operators can make their 4G networks profitable and successful. What 4G applications and devices will benefit consumers and make them migrate quickly to the 4G networks? How can operators differentiate their 4G networks from the competition? And finally, what can operators do now to ensure that they will have enough spectrum to meet the growing bandwidth demands? Is the wholesale 4G network model the answer to spectrum problems and bandwidth constraints? This eBook from FierceWireless will explore the answers to these questions and more.


Table of Contents:

  • LTE Deployments; Smooth Sailing So Far but a Long Journey Awaits
  • LTE-Advanced: Faster Data Speeds, Improved Spectrum Efficiency
  • Can Wholesale Networks Thrive in a 4G World?
  • Wireless Carriers are Caught in a Spectrum Storm
  • Rural Operators Need Scale to Succeed at LTE

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