eBook: Managing Wireless Network Capacity

Wireless operators are faced with a very daunting challenge – they have a finite amount of spectrum resources and a subscriber base with a growing appetite for data. How can operators maximize their network resources to accommodate the growing demand? One technique many operators are using today is Wi-Fi offloading. But there are others – such as using small cells like femtocells, picocells and even distributed antennas systems. Another solution is to use pricing models to control consumption. Operators are starting to move to tiered data pricing structures to help consumers better manage their usage.

This eBook will look at Wi-Fi offloading, small cell deployments, spectrum optimization and other technology solutions as well as pricing models that operators can use to stretch the capacity on their existing networks.

Table of Contents:

  • Network Capacity Issues are Persistent and Difficult to REsolve
  • Bringing Wi-Fi Under Mobile's Wing
  • Are Small Cells the Answer to Capacity and Coverage
  • Small Cells are Big Right Now
  • Spectrum: More Efficiency; or Just More?
  • Carriers Have Unlimited Options for New Data Pricing Plans

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