eBook: Do Usage-Based Pricing Models Work?

Wireless, wireline, and cable operators are starting to use policy control tools combined with charging mechanisms to help them better manage broadband data network capacity and still deliver a compelling customer experience. Many believe unlimited data plans will become a thing of the past for both fixed and mobile operators. However, a disconnect exists between the customer and the operator when it comes to usage-based pricing plans. Should pricing plans be tied to certain applications or activities? How can operators best communicate the nuances of data plans and consumption with their customers?

In this eBook from FierceWireless we will delve into the different ways policy control tools can help operators implement various pricing options. We will also look at what experts believe will be the next stage in broadband pricing strategies.

Table of Contents

  • The End of Unlimited Data Pricing Makes Way for New Opportunities
  • Prepaid Data Plans Open the Door to Usage-Based Universe
  • Capacity Crunch: Are Usage-Based Pricing Models Solving Capacity Constraints?
  • Informing Customers, Not Confusing Them Is Key to Growth
  • Plan Flexibility a Matter of Policy


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