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Creating a Digital 6th Sense with LTE Direct

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Mobile has revolutionized telephony and computing. So, what is next for mobile services?

Proximal discovery is enabling the next generation of mobile services, creating a digital 6th sense through awareness of friends, services, events, and other relevant value in one's proximity. LTE Direct is an innovative device-to-device technology for proximal discovery that is required to scale up from today's existing location-based and proximity beacon solutions.

Tune-in to this webinar to understand how LTE Direct works, learn how it will benefit the entire mobile ecosystem, and see how LTE Direct is being tested today across an extensive set of innovative use cases.


Mahesh Makhijani— Sr. Director, Technical Marketing

Mahesh Makhijani serves as senior director of technical marketing for Qualcomm’s Research group. He leads a group that serves as an accelerator and incubator for some of the technologies being developed within Qualcomm Research. (LTE Direct, NAN, WiFi-11ah, LED based communication, Vehicle to Vehicle Communication, IOT, Sensors)

Matt Branda—Staff Manager, Technical Marketing

Matt is a member of the Qualcomm Technical Marketing team where he is focused on the evolution of mobile connectivity and computing. He brings over 13 years of experience in technical marketing, product marketing, product management, and business development for industry-leading chipsets.

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