WEBINAR: The future of LTE Advanced – mobile broadband and beyond


DATE: Now Available On Demand  |  DURATION: 1 hour

With LTE Advanced already here and proliferating, industry is ready to take it further.

Along with enhanced receivers to improve performance, the evolution will bring scale and efficiency of LTE Advanced to markets other than traditional mobile broadband, such as unlicensed spectrum, terrestrial TV, direct device-to-device and more.


Tune-in to this webinar to understand the enhancements in the works and the new frontiers LTE Advanced is poised to reach.



Prakash Sangam,
Director, Technical Marketing, Qualcomm

Prakash is a technologist with more than 20 years of experience in deploying, optimizing and marketing wireless technologies. He is currently part of Qualcomm's Technical Marketing group, where he is focused on wireless evolution. A prolific writer and blogger, he regularly contributes articles to Qualcomm's OnQ™ blog. His articles have been featured in leading domestic and international publications, such as GigaOM. Sangam holds a Bachelor's of Engineering in electronics and communications from Karnatak University in India and a Masters of Business Administration from San Diego State University.