What is next for HSPA+?

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We reached a billion connections for the HSPA family in 2012 and Dual-Carrier is now deployed by over 100 operators. So what are the next steps for HSPA+, both in the near and long term?

Tune in to this webinar to learn more about HSPA+’s role in 1000x, the dual-Carrier evolution and upcoming commercial progress, voice enhancements, spectrum innovations, and the future HSPA+ evolution.

Featured Speaker:

Rasmus Hellberg, Sr. Director, Technical Marketing, QUALCOMM
Rasmus Hellberg is a senior director of Qualcomm’s technical marketing team, where he focuses on the wireless evolution and related technologies. Rasmus has spent more than 15 years in the wireless industry and started his wireless career in product management, working on the Japanese PDC system and the first commercial WCDMA products.
Sunil Patil, Director - Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies Inc
Sunil Patil is a director of product management focusing on radio access technology evolution in modems. Sunil has over 15 years of experience in wireless industry. Prior to product management Sunil worked in Qualcomm ESG team providing consulting services to operators on radio access technologies. In that role Sunil worked on deployment of cdma2000, WCDMA and LTE technologies.