The 1000x challenge: Can the whole be more than sum of its parts?

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The final piece to solving the 1000x puzzle is squeezing higher efficiency out of all the resources, specifically the spectrum, small cells and macro cells, devices, applications and services. But with the complexity of today’s networks, is that possible? If so, how do you ensure that each of those individual components operates at peak performance and at the same time, works seamlessly and intelligently with the other components, thus maximizing overall performance and providing an outstanding user experience? Are there any opportunities for the device makers, the network operators, and the app developers to differentiate themselves from the competition?

Tune in to this webinar in the 1000x series to find the answers.

Featured Speaker:

Prakash Sangam, Director, Technical Marketing, QUALCOMM
Prakash is a technologist with more than 20 years of experience in deploying, optimizing and marketing wireless technologies. He is currently part of Qualcomm’s Technical Marketing group, where is he is focused on wireless evolution. A prolific writer and blogger, he regularly contributes articles to Qualcomm’s OnQTM blog. His articles have been featured in leading domestic and international publications, such as GigaOM.