eBook: Understanding the Small Cell Phenomen

Wireless vendors are looking closely at small–cell architecture strategies as a solution to users' increasing demands for mobile data. In fact, many experts say that operators must turn to small cells if they want to improve wireless network coverage and solve capacity issues.

This eBook will examine the various types of small cell solutions — microcells to picocells to femtocells and even Carrier Wi-Fi —and look at how these solutions are being deployed in the network.

Of course, like the larger macro–network, these small cells will need backhaul options to carry traffic back to the cell site. This eBook will look at the various solutions for small cell backhaul too.

Table of Contents:

  • Small Cells are Promising for Operators but Offer a New Level of Complexity
  • Femto, Pico, Micro: What's in a Name?
  • An Integrated Small Cell Vision
  • Cost Effectively Deploying Small Cells
  • Small Cells Find Homes in Rural Markets
  • Backhaul at the Forefront
  • Small Cells Applications: Hope or Hype

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