Webinar: Beyond connectivity: Business Innovation with M2M Solutions

Now available on-demand |  Duration: 1 hour

An increasing number of enterprises, both large and small, are rapidly adopting M2M across vertical industries to drive business innovation and gain global competitiveness. While M2M may be perceived as only an IT term, product development groups have been the real drivers behind this technology, creating innovative products along with new service models. In doing so, however, businesses are realizing that M2M is not just connectivity between equipment and devices. Hardware, connectivity and applications all need to be aligned to deliver complete solutions.

During this webinar, we will introduce how the adoption of M2M technologies will result in business innovation, and the real customer case will be addressed to validate its deployment.

Topics to be covered:

  • M2M adoption expectation and challenges (customer insights)
  • Why customers are deploying M2M solutions globally
  • Global M2M Platform to enable secure and integrated M2M services
  • End to end M2M solutions designed for customers (hardware, connectivity, application)
  • Customer case study

Featured Speakers:


Erik Kling,
VP, New Business Development, Vodafone

Erik Kling has over 20 years experience in the communication technology field covering hardware, software, services and solution elements of the industry. Erik has held senior sales and product management roles at Siemens Communications and wireless startup companies along with over ten years specifically in the M2M space.



Jim Cavanaugh,
Solution Architect Manager, Vodafone

Jim Cavanaugh has over 30 years' experience in the telecommunications and wireless services, with the last 11 years dedicated to M2M solution development. Jim has a broad experience as an engineer with international positions in the Military, DOD contracting, video conferencing hardware, and fixed and wireless service providers. Jim currently manages the Global M2M Solution Design teams for the US and Southern Europe.

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