eBook | The Promise of VoLTE

While analysts forecast that all operators will eventually move to VoLTE, at the moment most are cautious to switch their services over. Experts say that voice services are too important for operators - they can't risk deploying VoLTE until it has passed a series of quality tests.

In addition to the VoLTE service transition challenges, providers must also supply numerous VoLTE-capable mobile devices to the consumer, presenting the opportunity for even more compatibility and quality issues. However, benefits from transitioning to VoLTE still remain. VoLTE can present opportunities for new revenue streams, as well as save money operationally.

FierceWireless looks at the likely time frame for VoLTE deployment and the challenges operators will face before and during the switchover. With a large number of trials lined up, it is rather probable the VoLTE will take over the industry much faster than other technology movements.


Table of Contents:

  • Slow and steady characterizes VoLTE deployments
  • VoLTE deployments: Who's on first, second, third
  • VoLTE leads the way to RCS and new business models
  • VoLTE helps IMS cross the viability chasm
  • VoLTE helps IMS cross the viability chasm


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