Cellcom launches Share Plan



Share data with up to 10 devices


(February 1, 2013) – Cellcom launched a new plan today that offers shareable data for customers. The Share Plan allows consumers to share data with up to 10 devices, and includes unlimited nationwide minutes and messaging. Cellcom's Share Plan features:

  • Unlimited nationwide talk, including domestic roaming and long distance, voicemail, caller ID, call waiting and 3-way calling;
  • Unlimited domestic text and picture messaging;
  • Shareable data for up to 10 devices on an account.  Devices can by any combination of basic phones, smartphones, or mobile broadband devices. Mobile Hotspot is included on all capable devices.


"Customers can maximize their data by sharing it across all devices on the plan. Cellcom's Share Plan allows families or customers with several devices to build a plan that fits their needs," said Dan Fabry, COO of Cellcom. "It's a simple option to help manage multiple lines on an account with ease."


To build a Share Plan, a customer first selects up to 10 devices and pays a monthly line charge for each device. The cost varies between $20-40, depending on the type of device. Then the customer chooses the amount of data they wish to share with all devices on the plan.

Step 1: Select up to ten devices


Step 2: choose the amount of data to share with those devices


Monthly line charge per device

Shared data

Monthly charge





Basic phones




Mobile broadband/USB modems








*For accounts with basic handsets only, data overage is $15/500MB on the 500MB plan.

Data overage is $15/GB on 1GB+ plans.










Cellcom recommends 1-2GB of data per smartphone on an account. A data calculator is available onCellcom's website to help customers decide how much data they need. Customers can also login into myCellcom to see their current and past usage. Cellcom's Share Plan is available to new and existing customers. For more information visit www.cellcom.com.

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