Cellular South Offers to Pay Early Termination Fees, Allowing Customers to Switch Carriers Without Charges


JACKSON, Miss., April 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Cellular South, a leader in wireless solutions and innovation, today announced a plan to make it easier for consumer and business customers to switch service providers without facing costly fees of up to $200 for early termination of their contract.

As part of a limited time offer that began Sunday, Cellular South will give qualified consumers who switch to its service a credit of up to $200 on their account to offset the early termination fees imposed by their former wireless carrier.

"We believe customers should be free to use wireless how they want, regardless of whether they want to talk, text, email, access the mobile web or all of the above, " said Suzy Hays, senior vice president of marketing and sales for Cellular South. "The short-term incentive of not having to pay early termination fees to switch will allow customers of other wireless carriers to enjoy the freedom of unlimited plans at the variety of price points on a reliable nationwide network."

A 2005 study by IPSOS North America of 1,000 U.S. adults found that 47 percent would consider switching service if termination fees were eliminated. Another 36 percent said fees already had forced them to stay in a higher-priced plan against their will. In a 2007 cell phone service survey, the Consumer Reports National Research Center found that one in seven survey respondents wanted to switch to a better carrier, but were thwarted by early termination fees that can run as high as $200 per phone line.

Cellular South customers talk twice as much and text six times the industry average and are nearly twice as likely to have surrendered their landline phone -- all indications of the benefits of unlimited plans and superior customer service. A 2007 study by Scarborough Research of 2,090 adults in the Memphis, Tennessee metropolitan wireless market showed that Cellular South led all carriers in customer loyalty and retention.

The offer to pay early termination fees for customers who switch to Cellular South continues a trend of wireless industry-leading initiatives by the company. In the 1990s, Cellular South was the first to convert the wireless experience from offices to retail and later was a pioneer in rolling out unlimited text messaging. Today, the company is continuing that legacy with its industry-leading unlimited voice, text, Internet and nationwide coverage plans and through introduction of the world's first integrated, online and in-store retail shopping experience.

With true unlimited nationwide voice, data and Internet plans that are $20 to $40 below all of its major competitors, Hays said Cellular South is serious about its commitment to offer state-of-the-art services, devices, plans and the most powerful network of networks to provide customers with unsurpassed nationwide coverage and reliability.

About Cellular South

Cellular South is a privately-owned diversified mobile communications company passionately committed to helping customers get the most out of their wireless devices and services. The company accomplishes this goal by providing the most reliable and advanced nationwide wireless voice and data network, offering a full range of industry-leading unlimited flat rate plans and through the world's first integrated, interactive online and in-store experience that gives customers easy, simple and convenient solutions to all of their wireless lifestyle needs. For more information, visit http://www.cellularsouth.com

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