Flurry Detects Tidal Wave of Android Developer Activity


Flurry, Inc., the leading provider of in-application analytics for mobile devices, today reported an unprecedented 94% increase in application project starts by Android developers between September and October projected totals within its system. Beyond its android-focused partnerships with T-Mobile and Motorola, Flurry attributes increased Android developer focus in its system to the upcoming November launch of Droid by Verizon Wireless.

"Flurry market data shows that Android continues to gain interest from application developers, and that iPhone is no longer the only game in town," said Simon Khalaf, Flurry president and chief officer.

"Developers who used to develop only for iPhone are now adding Android applications to their line up in record numbers."

Flurry Analytics collects data from over two thirds of all Android-powered devices. Since launching Android support in January 2009, over 500 developers have embedded Flurry Analytics across more than 1,500 applications, tracking over a combined 100 million end user sessions to date. Of the estimated 3 million Android handsets deployed, over 2.1 million include applications integrated with Flurry Analytics.

Significant mobile industry investment in Google Android is expected over the next several years. According to research released earlier this month by Kevin Dulaney, Gartner Research, OEM's such as Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Dell and others are forecasted to ship more than 75 million handsets in 2012, overtaking iPhone. Additionally, operators including Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint have announced that they will carry Android handsets.

To learn more about adding Flurry Analytics to Android applications, please visit www.flurry.com.

About Flurry Analytics

Flurry Analytics helps developers make better iPhone, Android, Blackberry and J2ME games and applications. The service is free, requires minimal integration and occupies a negligible amount of space in an application. Through analytics, developers can track consumer behavior and application performance to identify user needs, increase retention and grow revenue.

About Flurry, Inc.

Founded in 2005, Flurry's Analytics platform is built by developers for developers, based on its pioneering experience as one the first developers to build, deploy and market direct-to-consumer applications. Flurry is venture-backed and based in San Francisco. For more information, please visit www.flurry.com.

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