Mobile Local Search Saturates Profit over LBS Vendors, Advertisers, and Search Application Developers


The leaders in the mobile Location-based search ecosystem are reaping the rewards and telling us how we can enter the supply chain and win.

BOULDER, Co., March 1, 2010 – Mobile Local Search is 30% of all digital searches with a surge in growth expected world-wide in 2010.  What is Mobile Local Search (MLS)?  Are all searches local?  What are the component technologies of a powerful MLS application?  How can advertisers purchase inventory ad units available within the application structure?

Mobile Local Search is the search and discovery of persons, places, and things within an identifiable space defined by distinct parameters.  These parameters are evolving.  Today they include social networks, individuals, cities, neighborhoods, landmarks, and actions that are relevant to the searcher’s past, current, and future location.  These parameters provide structure to vertically deep and horizontally broad data categories that can stand-alone or are combined to comprise searchable directories.

Thus, MLS can occupy several application categories/directories simultaneously.  This is a double-edge sword for product designers and developers, analytic engines, financial media analysts, and media planners and buyers needing to evaluate one category with another or one directory with another.  The lack of clean comparative analysis based upon application occupancy of an individual category creates a challenge for marketers looking to maximize the value of applications to the supply chain including brand marketers looking to embed advertising within an application.

Mind Commerce, a global research organization, has just released the wireless industry report Mobile Local Search 2010.  This report on the Mobile Local Search (MLS) ecosystem is based upon intensive engagement with the telecommunications industry and presents a first-mile through last-mile review of top vendors providing products and services. Additionally, this report shares insights from visionaries at Nuance®, NAVTEQ®, Acrossair, Qualcomm®, Quattro Wireless, and other leaders in the MLS ecosystem. The insights illuminated are complimented by industry data and performance metrics:

Inside the report you will find drivers of Mobile Local Search:

  • How are thought-leaders in MLS approaching business going into the next decade?
  • Which companies are Tier 1 vendors for developing partnerships, supply chains, and distribution channels?
  • What is augmented reality and motion capture? What is inside a wireless device that enables GPS applications? Why is voice-enabled search critical? What are the benefits of application skins?
  • Where are LBS technologies headed and what is the outlook on global financial investment?

Along with answers to these questions, learn how to navigate the terrain and natural laws governing the supply chain within cellular telecommunications industry.  Learn how to partner with carriers, handset manufactures, LBS vendors, and marketing agencies.  Mobile Local Search 2010 provides tough guidance to get the relationship right.

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Fred Taylor

Mind Commerce

Research Director